Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Brethren Joining The Ranks

The end of the semester is here and I have been super stressed over getting work done and not really gaming. I have done some more work on painting my blood angels and they are looking better. Personal rule of thumb is your models roll better when painted..try it out its TRUE!!!

Now onto the real story for the day. I finally convinced one of my friends and gaming buddies to try out 40k and he LOVES IT. He has seen some of this before and also the DOW games. We were talking last week and and I convinced him to let me play a small 1k point demo game at my house last weekend. He could pick between IG, Ultras, BAs, and Orks and chose Blood Angels. I threw together a great 1k list for him and then made a super fun 1k point ork list to dick around and teach him the rules.

My SAG rolled an 11 on turn one and missed while a large loota squad failed to kill anything and then followed up on turn 3 with the SAG ripping my squad into the warp...nice! I let him get a draw and had some fun. He talked a little smack and then I dug out a marine killer list and slaughtered him. He had plenty of fun tho. Shooting with preds, casting with libbys, and charging with assault squads. I gave him the Blood Angels codex to read and he has read it over a few times.

Last night I got him to come along to play at the FLGS. I found another new player with only 2 games played with nids and I brought a hybrid mech/jump BA list for a 2000 pt game. We split up our army and and I gave him the larger half. We had a fun quick game that ended on turn 3 with us tabling the nids. Lots of las and plas = dead big bugs. He got to look at other armies and codex in the store. I have him hooked now and he will slowly start building his own Blood Angels army. For now he will be borrowing mine whenever he wants and I will start playing my orks in prep for the 2011 Ard Boyz season.

I have had a lot of fun teaching new players the rules and getting them into the game. I also recommend if you want to get a friend into the game, let him play one of your armies first and get the feel before they jump both feet in.

As a side note our monthly tourney is 2000pts and this Saturday hope to see you there!!! See the link on the top of my page for crossroad games.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Da Boyz and Da New Shiny GKs

Twas early morning and da boyz lead by Ghaz were still sleeping and the weedy grots were bzy fixing the kans squadrons. Gahz was quite abruptly awoken from his drunken stupor by the lour roar of stormravens flying overhead. Ghaz yells "Boyz wake up we got dem shinys flin ova ead"! Gahz's hand picked boyz slowly get up as the stormravens slow down. Ghaz knew they had been spotted. Off in the distance the flash of teleporters could be seen. Ghaz yells again "Boyz get the fuck up already, I can smell the assassins from here". The boyz get up and in their formations and begin marching toward the ravens prepared to meet them ead on. Ghaz's nobz were suiting up getting ready for the oncoming slaughter and you could hear the roar of the kan squadron as the gretchin loaded up and prepared for battle.

Off in the distance the stormravens had turned around and were headed bat toward the ork formation. Ghaz and his nobz hopped into their kitted out red truck and zoomed forward to catch up with da boyz. The kans were running to catch up...stupid weedy grots. Gray Knights dropped suddenly out of the stormravens. A single sniper shot set off the fight. Ghaz's truck had been hit with the new turbo penetrator of a grey knights assassin. The truck ramshakled running into a small patch of woods. The nobz and ghaz got out of the explosion safely. The rest of the grey knights opened fire on the boyz and was quickly followed by two charges one into each squad. On the right flank some paladins lead by a notable grand master charged into a squad of bad moons and on the left a squad of grey knights charged into a squad of goffs. Despite the grey knights attacks they squads held and killed a few in return.

Ghaz, now forced out of his truck, was ready to fight. The paladins were close and a easy target for ghaz and his nobz. Ghaz however, was very unlucky and his mega armor froze up trying to move after his truck was wrecked. The nobz resorted to dragging him slowly toward the paladins hoping him to regain control over his armor. Meanwhile, a squadron of kans ran by charging headlong into the paladins.

On the left flank the roar of stormboyz could be heard. The stormboyz are so fast and were chosen to be Ghaz's lightning strike force. These super fast goffs could get into battle faster then any ork alive. The stormboyz flew into the combat that their fellow goffs were locked in with a squad of grey knights. The other squads of kans moved up and fired at the sotrmravens and a squad of gretchin slowly moved forward toward some supplies left over from the previous days fighting. There was two other supply piles about a hundred yards away. The orks needed to make sure they could capture all of them by days end (the orks had been careless about leaving them out the day before).

The kans began taking heavy damage as the paladins laid into them and one kan survived. The remaining bad moons began to run as their numbers had reached below ten. On the left flank the stormboyz and goffs mopped up the remaining grey knights. During their engagement the stormboyz had noticed an assassin hiding in the woods nearby and consolidated toward them while the remaining goffs moved into some ruins and onto another supply pile.

Ghaz's armor began to move again and the nobz charged headlong into the paladins in an attempt to save the solo kan. The nobz killed all of the paladins but the kan died in the ensuing combat. The wounded grand master, nobz, and ghaz were now face to face. The stormboyz quickly dispatched the assasin with minor casualties. A squadron of kans chased down a stormraven and with the rokkets and klaws managed to rip it from the sky.

An assassin appeared from nearby trees and charged into the nobz. A few nobz were killed and many were wounded. The grand master also inflicted damage toward at the nobz. Due to Ghaz's WAGAAH no one was going to run from this and Ghaz was sure as hell not going to die. Ghaz further wounded the grand master in return and the nobz wounded but failed to kill the assasin.

The stormboyz were now looking for a new target. Off in the distance they spotted a chimera and could hear a quire of people chanting in cryptic languages. The storbmoyz nob lead them by tearing open and exploding the chimera. Some IG and a Inquisitor lord made it out of the exploding tank.

The remaining kans, after taking damage from the second stormraven, charged in and brought down the flyer. There would be no escape for the imperial skum. The assassin continued to slaughter the nobz but one lucky strike in return finished off the assassin. The nobz and Ghaz had become separated earlier and Ghaz was now fighting the grand master one on one. Ghaz had stopped yelling at his men and fought the grand master one on one. The nobz turned to watch Ghaz get wounded and run from the grand master. Another shot rang out from the nearby trees and the nobz spotted the assasin that had exploded their truck. Ghaz was hit in the back and fell to the ground. The nobz let out a mighty roar and killed the grand master and with the help of the kans, they hunted down the assassin and killed him to. The assassin was sitting on the last pile of ammo needed by the orks.

Off in the distance the stormboyz too casualties but in return slaughtered all that opposed them.

The day was done and after being caught off guard many great orks were killed. Ghaz was dragged off by the kans and revived by his personal doc so he may fight again. The supplies were secured and the Imperial forces were wiped out. Ghaz smiled when he heard the conclusion of the battle told to him by his leading nob over a fungus beer that night. Ghaz's ranks would replenish and be ready for battle within a week.

Hoped you enjoyed my first narrative battle report and post comments or thought about it.