Sunday, December 26, 2010

1250 Doubles Tourney Random Partners list

So this next month we are having another random partners doubles tourney. Rules are 1 HQ max and 1-3 troops, and 0-1 everything else and you may add 1 more to any one of those slots except HQ.

Now some of you readers may think random partners would suck. Yah you have the chance that you will get stuck with some one bad. However, the fun and excitement of these tournaments at our FLGS has been great! We always have recored turnouts every time we do it. My favorite tournaments to date have been the random partner ones. Plus with it only being $10 to get in it is not a huge money sink. If you are in the new england area and want a great fun tourney come on up and bring friends for this tourney. Check is out on Crossroad Games' 40k forum.

So after I played a huge ork horde last doubles tourney I am going to change it up. I will be running a hybrid mech/jump BA list. The list is looking great too!

EP Lib /w Rage and Sword and jp
2x Sang Pr 2x pw 2x jp
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x melta and pw
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x flamer and TH

Baal Pred /w Asslt C and Hvy Bolter Spn
2x Pred /w Auto C and Las C Spn

This list should stand on its own pretty well without relying on my partner for any one aspect of the game. I can Kill tanks, Kill Hordes, AND CHARGE!

This is a mini version of what I am working on in the greater scheme of my BA army. The mech list is good but Wolves do it cheaper. Yes I may be fast but at more points and thus less shots. A hybrid list can bring the best of both worlds and makes the list much better to assault with while reducing my total kill points by 30-45% via removing transports!

I should be getting some test games in this week and I will post videos of them. Thanks for watching and have a great new years!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/18/2010 Tourney Wrapup 1850 pts

So I attended another tourney at our FLGS this past weekend. We had a low turnout of 8 people. But it is the holidays and that is to be expected.

I played my typical kan wall orks and had a great day. Here is how it went.

Round 1:

Spearhead Deployment with two objectives centered in the two opposite quadrants.

My opponent is our local tau player that does well in almost every tourney. Now you are thinking tau...thats an easy match. Not true with how the table was set. The table was covered in rivers and difficult terrain. With me being on foot I could not go assault him and expect to make it back to the objectives. I took out his large kroot mob early and had to sit and wait for turn 6. He went first so I would get to counter charge and hopefully pull out the win. Over these turns I lost 6 kans, 60 boyz and my stormboyz. That was to be expected if I was going to sit back and wait. The game ended with me cleaning him off one ovjective with my nobz and my kans contesting the other. I got a major win.

Round 2:

Pitched battle with 5 objectives, one placed dead center and the other 2 in our own deployment zones.

I was playing vs a bike and mech kahn list. I knew I could not let him get the charge and that would be hard with his 12 inch move and 6 inch charge...but that is why I have stormboyz and ghaz. I marched behind my kan wall and he could only charge the kans and not the boyz. By turn 2 and 3 had massive assaults made by me and I nearly tabled him by then end of turn 4. I won and got a massacre.

Round 3:

Spearhead Deployment and modified kill points
hq 4 pts
av<12 1 pt
av>12 2 pts
troops 1 pt
highest pt unit 3 pts
everything else 2 pts

I got to play vs an all jump BA list. 3x squads with priests, vanguard, honor guard with jump, dante, and lib. Same problem as last game with him out charge ranging me. I placed my kans in front followed by my 30 man mobs and had my stormboyz and nobz sit in the middle for counter charges. He quickly came to the realization that he would only be able to charge the kans and maybe the boyz and then get wiped by the stormboyz and nobz. He got backed into the corner and on turn 5 the major assault began. I tabled him by on turn 6. I got a massacre from this game.

I won the tourney and bought a round of drinks for everyone with the winnings. It was another great tourney for my orks and a good test finally getting to play vs jump angels.

1250 pt random partner team tourney next month!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Close Win

I made so many mistakes and misjudged distances and payed for it. I did pull out a win.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This Weekz Update 12/10/2010

Well this semester is finally coming to a close and I just have 2 exams to go! 40k has been lacking for a while but next weekend is another monthly tourney. I think it is 1850 but idk. If i get to painting I might have reason to play my blood angels. They are mostly built and cleaned up.

If you have not read the thread about my list on bolter and chainsword linked below...go read it!!!

It has some great ideas and good theory crafting going on and is very entertaining to me at least.

I have to edit and put together a vid of my angels from a few weeks ago where I have 1 model left and still won the game. Look to see it out in the next week.

Hopefully I will start playing wed night more at my flgs and get some more videos. There will be a campaign or something starting at my flgs and there will be coverage of that at least.

Thanks for reading guys,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Interesting thread to follow

Ming last week pointed this thread out to me:

It is a thread about me and other players struggles and ideas about how to beat me. Go read it and I have a decent post in there as a response.