Sunday, December 26, 2010

1250 Doubles Tourney Random Partners list

So this next month we are having another random partners doubles tourney. Rules are 1 HQ max and 1-3 troops, and 0-1 everything else and you may add 1 more to any one of those slots except HQ.

Now some of you readers may think random partners would suck. Yah you have the chance that you will get stuck with some one bad. However, the fun and excitement of these tournaments at our FLGS has been great! We always have recored turnouts every time we do it. My favorite tournaments to date have been the random partner ones. Plus with it only being $10 to get in it is not a huge money sink. If you are in the new england area and want a great fun tourney come on up and bring friends for this tourney. Check is out on Crossroad Games' 40k forum.

So after I played a huge ork horde last doubles tourney I am going to change it up. I will be running a hybrid mech/jump BA list. The list is looking great too!

EP Lib /w Rage and Sword and jp
2x Sang Pr 2x pw 2x jp
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x melta and pw
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x flamer and TH

Baal Pred /w Asslt C and Hvy Bolter Spn
2x Pred /w Auto C and Las C Spn

This list should stand on its own pretty well without relying on my partner for any one aspect of the game. I can Kill tanks, Kill Hordes, AND CHARGE!

This is a mini version of what I am working on in the greater scheme of my BA army. The mech list is good but Wolves do it cheaper. Yes I may be fast but at more points and thus less shots. A hybrid list can bring the best of both worlds and makes the list much better to assault with while reducing my total kill points by 30-45% via removing transports!

I should be getting some test games in this week and I will post videos of them. Thanks for watching and have a great new years!



  1. When you're so used to Orks, doesn't making a Marine list for 1,250 seem like so few damn models? I know it does for me when I do it.

    The list looks solid and covering yourself and leaving no weakness is a good approach.

    I agree. The team tournaments are a blast. Perfect for newer players with small armies who want to get in some games. Great for vets too since a team game changes everything.

  2. If Third Company can Answer the Call:

    Tac Squad 1, PG, ML, PF, CFL, Pod
    Tac Squad 2, PG, ML, PF, CFL, Pod
    Scout Squad 1, Sniper Rifles
    Dreadnaught, MM, HF, Pod
    Land Speeder Squadron, 2 HF/MM
    Dev Squad 9, 1 HB/2ML
    Dev Squad 10, 1 HB/2ML