Friday, April 27, 2012

April Assault Round 1

Each round was going to be 2 hours at 1500 points. I was warned before my first game that I would be playing against a new player with less than 5 games played of 40k. He was a polite older gentleman who had played figure games most of his life and was finally getting into 40k. He was playing a space wolf army with long fangs, a dread, predator, a couple squads of guys, and a rune priest. He did not have dice and was very fresh to the rules and armies.

The mission was kill points and objectives and they were all centrally located on his half of the board. We were playing on a dense urban setup with plenty of tall los blocking buildings. I hid Ghaz's truck and lined up my boyz on the two major routs across the board and my stormboyz flanking to the left. He shot up some stormboys and my lootas and killed one kan. I marched forward and ran with everything prepping a quick strike. Ghaz shot forward and ate a squad that had gotten out of their rhino. There was plenty of talking and the first turn took well over an hour. I had a time crunch and knew I had to finish this quick.

Turn two was more of him shooting and not killing a lot. I lost a mega nob and a few boyz but not enough to stop the onslaught that was going to happen on my turn... We had about 30 minutes left when my second turn finally started. I moved everything and then blew my 6 inch fleet and then charged everything on turn 2. When the dust settled he had lost everything except the long fangs hiding in a building. My stormboyz got crushed by both grey hunter squads but had been multi charged by a 30 man squad and 2 kans.

We played 3 more turns but I just left his long fangs alone and sat on objectives and let him fire at me. I got full points for the game and was set to move on to play against the next top person.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Assault Prep

After my poor experiences with blood angels and comp systems. I decided to scrap my plans and go back to the drawing board. I knew 6th was going to come out soon and I really wanted to break 100 wins with orks before then. I started to fiddle with perfect comp lists and digging out old models. Some of the lists I liked but I knew playing fluffy orks VS some of the lists that match perfect comp but are competitive in other codex will be hard.

I was pretty bzy with school and did not have much time to paint or build things. From that I knew I would already be behind in points. There were also 30 comp points given out on top of everything at the judges discretion. The judges are made up of people that I play with and as such they know I am here to stomp. No matter how fluffy my list is I will not be getting the 30 extra comp points. I concluded my only chance was to go for pure winning goodness. I build my list around that and disregarded comp. The only thing I had to do was make a list to meet the minimum comp requirements.

My List:

5x Mega Nobz
20 storm boyz
30 boyz
30 boyz
10 lootas
3 kans

Took me a little bit to make it to this point but it was not a hard list to make. It runs off of my standard ork build and strategy.

I took my first warm up game vs ming the weekend before the April Assault. Orks vs Ultras...classic!

Not much to report on that game. I tabled him by the bottom of turn 2 except a land raider. I then chased the land raider down for another turn and the game was over in 30 minutes.

Second practice game was against a bug list. He stayed back and kept shooting with warriors and guard. I pushed ghaz, nobz, and storm boyz down his throat and let my boyz handle the big bugs dropping in near the mid objective. The kans got into combat with Doom and tied him up and eventually killed him. His tyrant got into combat with ghaz on turn 5 and I blew my 2+ invuln and crushed him. The rest of my army had pretty much already wiped the board. Easy win.

Lists were turned in that day and no one could swap and counter me within the club.

I was happy with the strong showing from them as usual. Time to fight for first in the April Assault.

Battle reports for the tournament are coming.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Assault Champion: RIPPEDDRAGON!

Just got home after a long day of 40k. 18 people playing...less than out fall event but a lot of people from away which was good to see. I changed to my orks last weekend and played 2 games this week and stomped both. Today was a little different but partially due to terrain and my opponents. I had to go against space wolves 3 rounds in a row! The orks did it and I won all 3 games and got max points for the first 2 and a minor victory in the last round to Amberclad. I won best general and Amberclad took best overall due to my comp hit and lower painting scores. I never planned on winning overall with my comp score and wanted to just get best general and have the most battle points at the end of the day. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. MVP: Ghazghkull - he carries games plain and simple. I will be posting battle reports over the next week or so. Look for my updates ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Assault thoughts

My flgs this april is hosting another large tournament with 30+ people (hopefully) sign up over at crossroad games you can buy tickets online. It is a 1500 point tourney standard codexes allowed with a very strict comp system which can be found in our forums.

I made a blood angel force and played a game vs creative twilight and I had no idea that the comp system existed. I found out that my army was very illegal and I would not be able to use it in the tourney. Fine... so i went home and started thinking of lists and almost everyone for blood angels had its balls cut out. These guys like the "hobby aspect" tournaments and as such all spam is unplayable literally you cant play if you have more then 2 of anything except troops.

I have been spending my time trying to come up with lists that have a decent chance of winning despite my comp setback. If you dont know already, both my orks and blood angels lack a ton of variety and I never built them for the "hobby". My armies were designed to win and play that way as you can see from my record.

I did play once with my neutered blood angels list against ming last week. It did not go very well at all, bad dice, and a shitty list. I held on and tried to win but no luck I ended up losing to him...the first time in many many years (3+). He joins the ranks of the very few who have beaten me in 5th edition. I was very happy for him because he has come a long way in his play skill. After playing with him and winning the doubles tournament last month he seems to finally understand that he needs to play aggressive with his death stars and pick proper targets.

April Assault has left a bad taste in my mouth already and I dont even know if I want to play in it. I have never played a game in my life just for the fun of it. Sports, video games, bets between friends, everything is always about being the best I can be. It is not in my blood to sit back and have fun and not care about the result. Anyone who has played against me should know that already ;)

"hobby event" wtf is that...