Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Assault Champion: RIPPEDDRAGON!

Just got home after a long day of 40k. 18 people playing...less than out fall event but a lot of people from away which was good to see. I changed to my orks last weekend and played 2 games this week and stomped both. Today was a little different but partially due to terrain and my opponents. I had to go against space wolves 3 rounds in a row! The orks did it and I won all 3 games and got max points for the first 2 and a minor victory in the last round to Amberclad. I won best general and Amberclad took best overall due to my comp hit and lower painting scores. I never planned on winning overall with my comp score and wanted to just get best general and have the most battle points at the end of the day. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. MVP: Ghazghkull - he carries games plain and simple. I will be posting battle reports over the next week or so. Look for my updates ;)

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