Sunday, December 26, 2010

1250 Doubles Tourney Random Partners list

So this next month we are having another random partners doubles tourney. Rules are 1 HQ max and 1-3 troops, and 0-1 everything else and you may add 1 more to any one of those slots except HQ.

Now some of you readers may think random partners would suck. Yah you have the chance that you will get stuck with some one bad. However, the fun and excitement of these tournaments at our FLGS has been great! We always have recored turnouts every time we do it. My favorite tournaments to date have been the random partner ones. Plus with it only being $10 to get in it is not a huge money sink. If you are in the new england area and want a great fun tourney come on up and bring friends for this tourney. Check is out on Crossroad Games' 40k forum.

So after I played a huge ork horde last doubles tourney I am going to change it up. I will be running a hybrid mech/jump BA list. The list is looking great too!

EP Lib /w Rage and Sword and jp
2x Sang Pr 2x pw 2x jp
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x melta and pw
10 man Asslt Sqd 2x flamer and TH

Baal Pred /w Asslt C and Hvy Bolter Spn
2x Pred /w Auto C and Las C Spn

This list should stand on its own pretty well without relying on my partner for any one aspect of the game. I can Kill tanks, Kill Hordes, AND CHARGE!

This is a mini version of what I am working on in the greater scheme of my BA army. The mech list is good but Wolves do it cheaper. Yes I may be fast but at more points and thus less shots. A hybrid list can bring the best of both worlds and makes the list much better to assault with while reducing my total kill points by 30-45% via removing transports!

I should be getting some test games in this week and I will post videos of them. Thanks for watching and have a great new years!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/18/2010 Tourney Wrapup 1850 pts

So I attended another tourney at our FLGS this past weekend. We had a low turnout of 8 people. But it is the holidays and that is to be expected.

I played my typical kan wall orks and had a great day. Here is how it went.

Round 1:

Spearhead Deployment with two objectives centered in the two opposite quadrants.

My opponent is our local tau player that does well in almost every tourney. Now you are thinking tau...thats an easy match. Not true with how the table was set. The table was covered in rivers and difficult terrain. With me being on foot I could not go assault him and expect to make it back to the objectives. I took out his large kroot mob early and had to sit and wait for turn 6. He went first so I would get to counter charge and hopefully pull out the win. Over these turns I lost 6 kans, 60 boyz and my stormboyz. That was to be expected if I was going to sit back and wait. The game ended with me cleaning him off one ovjective with my nobz and my kans contesting the other. I got a major win.

Round 2:

Pitched battle with 5 objectives, one placed dead center and the other 2 in our own deployment zones.

I was playing vs a bike and mech kahn list. I knew I could not let him get the charge and that would be hard with his 12 inch move and 6 inch charge...but that is why I have stormboyz and ghaz. I marched behind my kan wall and he could only charge the kans and not the boyz. By turn 2 and 3 had massive assaults made by me and I nearly tabled him by then end of turn 4. I won and got a massacre.

Round 3:

Spearhead Deployment and modified kill points
hq 4 pts
av<12 1 pt
av>12 2 pts
troops 1 pt
highest pt unit 3 pts
everything else 2 pts

I got to play vs an all jump BA list. 3x squads with priests, vanguard, honor guard with jump, dante, and lib. Same problem as last game with him out charge ranging me. I placed my kans in front followed by my 30 man mobs and had my stormboyz and nobz sit in the middle for counter charges. He quickly came to the realization that he would only be able to charge the kans and maybe the boyz and then get wiped by the stormboyz and nobz. He got backed into the corner and on turn 5 the major assault began. I tabled him by on turn 6. I got a massacre from this game.

I won the tourney and bought a round of drinks for everyone with the winnings. It was another great tourney for my orks and a good test finally getting to play vs jump angels.

1250 pt random partner team tourney next month!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Close Win

I made so many mistakes and misjudged distances and payed for it. I did pull out a win.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This Weekz Update 12/10/2010

Well this semester is finally coming to a close and I just have 2 exams to go! 40k has been lacking for a while but next weekend is another monthly tourney. I think it is 1850 but idk. If i get to painting I might have reason to play my blood angels. They are mostly built and cleaned up.

If you have not read the thread about my list on bolter and chainsword linked below...go read it!!!

It has some great ideas and good theory crafting going on and is very entertaining to me at least.

I have to edit and put together a vid of my angels from a few weeks ago where I have 1 model left and still won the game. Look to see it out in the next week.

Hopefully I will start playing wed night more at my flgs and get some more videos. There will be a campaign or something starting at my flgs and there will be coverage of that at least.

Thanks for reading guys,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Interesting thread to follow

Ming last week pointed this thread out to me:

It is a thread about me and other players struggles and ideas about how to beat me. Go read it and I have a decent post in there as a response.

Monday, November 22, 2010

2k Tourney Report

So this past weekend I played in another flgs monthly tourney. I played with my orks like normal for competition. I am still too new with my blood angels to want to play them again in a tourney environment. I ran my usual Kan Wall list.

First Round was a turn based king of the hill mission with the center worth 3 points and each table quarter worth 1. I got paired against necrons and on the only ork themed board. This was such a good omen! I was nervous but with gork and ghaz on my side I just had to calm down and let the orky auto pilot side of me take over. I never let the crons have a point and tabled them in 5 turns.

My father Ming had borrowed two of my preds for the day and tabled a space wolf player. There was plenty of other opponents that I could play but I just had the feeling I would have to face him in combat again.

Gork smiled at the challenge of a father son duel and made the pairings so. I random-ed my father for round two. An all night fight dawn of war mission grabbing three objectives that pop up on turn 2, 4, and 6. Looks like this will go well. The game started well with me popping a transport on turn 1 with gahz and the nobz. Turn 2 however they received a concentrated dose of his whole army firing on them. Many nobs were wounded and the mighty ghaz took two las cannon wounds for his brothers. My dice had become so hot that I failed two morale checks and they squad fell back. They returned back strong as ever the following turn. However the in attempt to charge ghaz's armor locked up from all the fire and he was to lay in the open and take another turn of fire instead of fighting. The storm boyz flew over head and killed a squad and made the terminators run in fear. The tough fight would keep on for a few more turns with time running out. On the final turn with the clock winding down two objectives had been activated. The orks managed to capture one and contest another.

Phew a close one. Onto Round three. There was a Tau, Blood Angels, and another Ork Army left undefeated.

The pairing returned back and Gork had laid out another challenge for me. I was to fight another ork player and prove my worth. I went first and struck first on turn two. It was modified kill points and Ghaz with his abilities he made my orks deadly fast. So many charges turn two that I crippled my opponent. The game was over quickly and not much remained for my opponent. He was a youf in the ork world and has much to learn about commanding his men. He has potential to be great. Only time will tell how much he will grow in size and if he will be able to best the rippeddragon in combat.

On a far away battle field the tau and blood angels fought to a near draw. This would give me the edge I needed to win another tourney. Everyone fought well and Gork smiled on me that day.

Now it is time for ghaz to rest up and await his next battle.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Ork Tactica: Ghazghkull

For orks this guy is the bread and butter. He hold everything together in a competitive format for orks. He is both a close combat monster and a force multiplier. Who else in the game can have an on demand 2+ save and make ever one of his buddies fearless? Any list of mine 1500+ or over I try to run him. He fits best with mega nobz but can work well with almost anything.
Now you are thinking where are the tactics and why am I reading this?
Ghazghkull's WAAAGH is the main reason for taking him. 6+ fleet move for almost your entire army and making them fearless for a whole game turn. On top of that Ghaz turns into a tank with a 2+ invuln for a whole game turn. Now the usage of this is the key point. The Key: IT CAN BE USED ANYTIME ON EITHER PLAYER TURN AND LAST THE FOLLOWING PLAYER TURN! If I use it on my opponents turn I still get my 6 inch fleet move on my turn. Now this is where making things fearless is key. PBS can drop your nobs down to a 2LD and then make you fall off the board...well not any more. Just pop the WAAAGH after he put his effort on them or else where and use it IN RESPONSE TO THE MORALE OR PINNING CHECK. I also tend to use this to save my stormboyz or other units that I need to stay on the board. Another use is to make Ghaz a tank and send him into a deathstar unit alone. He is fearless and has a 2+/2+ and that can typically buy me time for a whole game turn and let the rest of his squad kill something else and return to him. Or he will kill the deathstar unit by himself. The third and final use is to get all your troops into combat faster IE turn 2-3.
Ghazghkull is a monster and my favorite character in the game.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BA new directions

I have been thinking for a while about changing up my blood angels. There is a reason to my madness for magnetizing every blood angel's back pack! There are two lists currently I think about as options.
This list has had some success at out FLGS with another BA player or a variation of the list.


A few JP Assault squads

Death Company maxxed with PW
Lemartes or Chaplain

DC Dread

Storm Raven

You can reserve everything and arrive on your own terms and avoid all of the alpha strike lists! Once you hit their lines the game is over the Death Company will tear any unit a new one. Plus the storm Raven can Fire a Multi Melta while turbo boosted to pop pesky tanks so we can get at the good stuff. I like this list a lot but with no storm raven model I am limited on what I can do.

My other list is a pure jump pack list. I run libbys and a ton of Assault Squads and follow it up with vanguard and Sang Priests. The Assault squads vary from tank killer to troop destroyer with 2x flamer and 2x hand flamer!

I will probably start working on the second list soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Meta Game thoughts

Its not a new concept. I learned about it when playing MTG in the 90's and have always thought about it for 40k. More and more talk about the Meta game comes out every week. Personally I hate how the current tourney environment is. Mech is so boring to see on every table. I know i jumped the bandwagon and got a BA mech list. However I have yet to table someone or even put a huge dent in anyone. I keep trying to make lists and they all end up just about the same. I keep going back in disappointment to my Orks. Tried and true they do well in our local Meta game. We dont have a ton of pure mech lists and I think that brings a better chance of my orks winning. Also I do have 9 walkers... <3 kans. So no matter what happens it looks like I will probably start putting my effort back into my orks and I will try to get my play skill with them back to where It was.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batrep BA VS Ultras

So Last night I played a 1850 game vs Ultras.
My list was:

Lib (shield, sword) plas pistol

2x Sang Priests PW

Assault Squad:
7 Marines
2 Melta
1 Sarge PF

Assault Squad:
7 Marines
2 Melta
1 Sarge PF

Assault Squad:
3 Marines
1 Flamer
1 Sarge PW
RzR Back TL Plas and Las

Assault Squad:
3 Marines
1 Flamer
1 Sarge PW and HF
RzR Back TL Plas and Las

Assault Squad:
3 Marines
1 Flamer
1 Sarge PW and HF
RzR Back TL Plas and Las

Baal Pred
TL AC and HVY Bolt

Baal Pred
TL AC and HVY Bolt

Auto C and Las Can

Auto C and Las Can

We were set up spearhead and seize ground with 3 objectives. I lost the roll to place objective first then lost the roll for choice of sides. The objectives were placed in a straight line almost from one quadrant to the center to the opposite one. My opponent took the one opposite of me and went first. His Anti tank stopped my Baal Preds from ever firing he immobilized my two melta rhinos on turn 1 and I popped only one rhino in return. The game was looking bad. It was a shootout for a while and I was losing it. I started to push toward the objective in the center only to have a Landraider with TH/SS and LC termies pop out as well as a full sternguard squad and a full tac squad in rhinos. I had a 10 man melta squad on foot and 2 5 man squads one with a Sang and the other with my Lib. The Lib lost his squad to firing and then got charged by a termi while the rest went after my last RzR Back holding one of the squads. Luckily my Lib lived and the termies piled in on him. My turn I had the 5 man with the sang hop out. 2x Flamer templates and some bolter fire dropped 4 stearnguard. The melta guys moved in on the termies. I charged and killed 2 TH/SS termies at I5 and then wiffed with 3 PF swings. I lost my Lib to LC attacks. The stearnguard got raped by my 2 PWs and lost a total of 4 more guys including the PF sarge. They ran and I caught them and they lost down to 1 guy whiched I finished in the next combat. I managed to wiff again on my PF vs termies and killed non and lost 1. I cleared the termies with my 2x pw 6 man squad and then moved onto the objective on turn 5. Turn 6 I took a ton of fire and an assault from his Lib and another 5 man squad. The PF continued missing and my other squad didnt do much better. The game ended with each of us having our own objectives and the middle contested. I beat him on kps 8 to 7 but that was not part of the game so it was a draw.

I am still learning the Blood Angels and this game really showed me what I should change and work on. I love the 5 man squads and the sang joining them and having 2 pws and 2 flamers. I want to run it with 3 flamers and just make them dangerous to everything. I learned to stop going for a shootout and just push. I have enough close combat power to not be afraid and to actually make my opponent afraid of what I can do. When a 6 man squad can drop a 10 man marine squad in a single turn you know you have done something right. I have made some changes to my list and I like version 2 much better. Just wait and see on my next 1850 Batrep!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ork Tactica: Kans n Dreads

Well I will start off by stating that I believe point for point Kans are one of the best units in the game. Dreads...i really dont like these. They are more points then 2 kans and do the same and are easier to kill then 2 kans. Never take Dreads... end of Tactica: Dreads.
Now back to my favorite unit: Killer Kans

For the cost of a termi you get a AV 11 walker and can get up to 3 in a squad. These are far harder to kill then termies for most things. They attack at initiative 2. That is kind of low but most things that will harm them are at I1. Grenades are just bad against them. S6 grenades will hardly ever kill a kan unless your opponent is rolling hot. S4 does nothing to them as well. Even their WS of 2 is not a problem because the average WS is 4 or lower.

Now to my tactics. These guys are the 3rd and crucial part to my 3 prong strategy. First are the fast things in trukks and my stormboyz arriving turn 2. Next my boyz mobs turn 3 and finally my Kans on turn 4 or 3 if they are lucky.

These guys run cover for my mobs and break off turn 3 in their movement and running so that the boyz can charge right through their hole. They just make sure more boyz get to combat. The next turn they will follow up any blown combats and typically wreck anyone left. They also are great for chasing vehicles and making sure my boyz get the charge. With their forward placement you have to move around them to get at the squishy goodness behind the kans. In addition to everything they take a lot of fire turns one and two because they are closer then the boyz. This distracts the hard hitting weps from going after my nobz or stormboyz. Another important thing to look for or ask is where are the powerfists. Why? Most squads without them just sit there doing nothing to the Kans while the Kans just wreck the squad. Also IG blob squads will just stand there watching these guys kill and kill while the sargents throw grenades and pray for a 6.

Well that may have been a very short discombobulated Tactica but I hope you get that they are very good at a lot of things and to consider running them in your lists.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This weekz update

So school started and I was super busy. I got to play in the Crossroad Games monthly tourney last month. The format was random partners 1k points. I brought my orks and went very simple.
12 lootas
30 boyz
30 boyz
20 Storm boyz

we got a massacre first round against chaos and ultras then a minor game 2 vs 2x ultras and a draw game 3 vs nids and orks. Honestly I felt like most of my army did nothing all three games and the one thing between both of us that made us win was his redic wolf lord at like 275 pts or something stupid. I could feel Gahzghkull calling me from his box at home.

Other then 40k I just finished building my new gaming computer and its friggen sick. I went overboard with my CPU cooler getting the 2 highest output fans available attached to one of the best heat syncs available. 510 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air is being pushed across my heat sync.
Core i7 930
2x evga GTX 460
1tb hd
crappy cd drive
HAF 932 case
Evga x58 FTW 3 mobo
4gb DDR3 2200

its fast and I can make and compress a 10 min vid for youtube super quick.

Other then that I have been working on getting parts and finalizing the build stage of my blood angels. I am a perfectionist and I want this army to look good and for guys to match up looks wise.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fritz's 750pt Challenge

Finally found a video converter program and I have my intro all set. Making videos will be much easier and faster. Expect a lot more from me!

As for 750...It seems to be all about your core build and not a whole lot more then that. I like how basic this list is plus the massive number of bodies I have on the board is amazing. Great game and some interesting comments at the end from my father.

Thanks for watching,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weekz update 9/7/2010

So school has started and my summer job has ended. I played a 750 point fritz challenge game last night vs my father and won. The site I use to convert apple quicktime to a windows format has been having problems and I have not been able to convert videos for editing in the past two weeks ughh. Here is my list from last night:
Mek w/ SAG
11 Lootas
30 Boyz PK
30 Boyz PK
15 gretchin w/ 1 slaver

basically have the gretchin hold objectives or be bubble wrap for my lootas...Kiss

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weekz update

Xenos won the mega battle last week and I tabled my opponent with my orks in 4 turns and quickly moved to help another xenos. Videos will be up within the week.

Tourney had lower prizes and my brother had a birthday party. So I stayed home and relaxed with my girlfriend.

Tonight was a 1000pt tourney and next week games 2 and 3 will be played. The format was:
1 HQ
0-1 Elite
1 Troop
1 Fast
1 Heavy
NO NAMED CHARACTERS and +1 to any slot except HQ

I played with Blood Angels and made a mini mech list.
Libby w/ shield and sword
Honor Guard 2x flamer 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Baal Pred flame storm
Pred auto can and las sponsons

Played two games. Got a minor win from both. Batrep coming later.

Now with school starting next week I will not be able to play at night and only on weekends because of my evening classes. I just threw some money into the tourney for fun. I will however be able to post pics of my wip blood angels who I am starting to paint. Also my tacticas will come out more often and vids to go with them.
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This weekz events...

Two things to prep for:
1500 pt mega battle for the final week of the campaign
1750 anniversary tourney at crossroad games

I want xenos to win the campaign so I will play orks for that and with comp score I have to play orks for the tourney too.

The mega battle is only kinda a mega battle. Game lasts till some one is tabled and then you go through a jump gate to help another table. So its one long ass game with one side eventually winning. I will probably take 2x set of truks for my knobs so that they can keep going after the first game wrecks it probably. Storm Boyz and other jump pack troops will be amazing. My hope is to table someone as quick as I can and get to another table asap. I will hopefully record everything and its going to be crazy. I think i can only use Gahz's WAAGH once which will kinda suck but I do need to win the first game as fast as I can with as many guys left as I can. Kans will be good cuz Immoble vehicles cannot keep going to the next table and instead the squadron will just wreck them anyway. Expect this to look like most 1500 PT lists that I make. It will be balanced to fight anything and I might use my shokk attack gun YAY!

For the tourney it is free to enter with store cred to the winner. All events at the anniversary are free except those that require product to play like mtg drafting. So yet again I will build a balanced ork list and I have to paint my truks to max out my score card. I will go for a 10 comp score which at our store is:
Base 5 points
-1 for each named HQ
+1 for only 1 HQ
+1 for 2 or less Elite
+1 for 4 or more Troops
+1 for 2 or less Fast Attack
+1 for 2 or less Heavy Support

List that I will probably run:
10 Nobz 2PK 7BC Painboy CBB Truck
30 Boyz PK BP
30 Boyz PK BP
10-19 grots (based on extra points)
20 Storm Boyz PK BP
3 kans
3 kans
Comp score: 10
That is a pretty standard list for me. Its simple and it works fairly well especially with all the basic marines around they just get swamped with my guys. I suffer with no Gahz running my list but I take the hit so that I can improve my chances of winning best overall. I might go meganobz instead of nobz but we will see.
See you next time,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ork Tactica: Storm Boyz

Sorry guys been very bzy workin and being with the GF. Summer is coming to and end and that will give me more time to play 40k. Our stores fin campaign has been kinda silly the past two weeks and I have not participated. I have a tourney there in a few weekends during the anniversary of the store. Hopefully big prizes. Head over to the site for full list of events. Its always a great weekend.

Here we are I thought I could get an easy post in about my second favorite choice in the Ork codex. STORM BOYZ RAWR! These guys are orks on crack. They fly 12+d6 with the only drawback is if I roll a 1 someone dies and that the max size is 20 boyz. So go 12 +d6+6 is a huge charge range of 19-24 inches a turn. Try to run away from that. Unlike the larger boyz mobs and going up mid I have found using them on a flank is much better. These guys are double the points of normal boyz and are capped at 20 instead of 30 so it is much easier to get them into non fearless range. Going down a flank cuts down on fire and with proper planning block los and get an easy turn 2 charge with a full squad. After that use them to keep flying down his table edge killing whatever is left. I typically drive this unit into the ground killing things and often end up with a nob with one wound left either suiciding to kill a vehicle. They almost always make their points back and often times are the reason I win. Like all boyz squads you need the PK on the nob and this time because of the smaller size i take a boss pole. Some personal tactics is I try to find the best multi charge for these guys. I want to kill enough but not too much because i dont want to be shot at after I wipe my opponent. I want the combat to last and end on his turn not mine. I find buildings and go on top of them. People forget about them and it makes them unchargeable and sometimes gets me cover. Spearhead I go for the first turn assault almost always. Most of the time you can get people deploying close and I just place the nob right on the corner of the circle and go to town turn 1. Another strategy to use is keeping these guys behind in waiting and surge forward over your own guys when the time is right and get in assault. You can take Zagstruk as a unit upgrade but honestly he is not worth the points and you do not need to deep strike these guys. I hate reserves as orks and I want my wall of guys on the table pushing forward. I dont know if i would ever take more then one squad of these guys but I love them. These guys are part of my 3 wave strategy that the guys at crossroads know all too well. Turn 2 Storm Boyz and Nobz, Turn 3 Boyz, Turn 4 Kan Mop Up. All my ork lists are small variations of my 2500 point list.

Thanks for reading see you soon

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ork Tactica: Troops

It is thundering here at work so I have time to write my first tactic segment. This is the first of many. I will cover both orks and blood angels eventually.
Here in 5th edition troops are king. They are needed to win objective games. If your troops suck I will just kill yours and make you fight for a tie. Out of all the codexes orks have some of the best troops in both staying power and sheer assault force.
First we have the hated gretchin. These annoying little buggers are great at hiding and holding objectives especially ones in cover. All the while these guys are super low pointed. I tend to run 10 to 19 and a runthurder. That let's me have a large scoring unit for under 70 points. I also love using these guys to bubble wrap my lootas. That will protect my lootas from outflankers or just anything else that wants to fight them in combat. Gretchin are a must in any ork army. They just stay back and let the rest of the boys go all out charging into my opponents lines. Most of the time your opponent will wait till the end to kill the gretchin but it is too late. These buggers tend to be harder to kill then they imagined and score me and objective or two.
Next we have ork boys the core of any ork army. These guys are great. They are fearless at 11 or more models and also have a leadership that is the same as the number of boys in the squad as well capping at 10. I personally like taking 30 man squads. It just gives them more staying power and become more cumbersome. For squad upgrades a nob with a power klaw is a must. The power klaw nob is really hard to kill. He has two wounds and will get his swings unless your opponent can wrap him twice with wounds around a large squad which is no easy task. So on his dieing breaths you nob will take a few people with him. After that you can take one squad as Ard Boyz but I never do. We can also take a transport with 12 guys or less and we have special weapons. I hate small squishy squads and super squishy transports so I avoid them. The special weapons are useless because you should never stop running except to assault. You also want to try your hardest to get the charge. These guys are far worse if you cannot get off the charge. The switch from strength 3 to 4 is huge because of furious charge. The initiative bonus is not typically noticeable on the boys squads however.
Here are some other tips and tricks to use. First off is spreading out. With a squad this large it is easy to want to clump up and push every one of these guys down your opponents throat. This is not the case. Spread them out first. Templates will end the squad quickly if you don't. Also seeing the frustration build for your opponent as he hits only a few guys with a big template is amazing. Then you simply remove casualties from the back of the squad and the wall of boys keeps coming. Next when you have terrain in the way Congo line your guys to go around rather then clumping. Let the rear of the squad keep your coherency and the meet the front line of guys back together as soon as you can. Another great trick is spreading out and holding multiple objectives. You can easily get 3 to 4 objectives with one squad. Or your other option is create a huge barrier around objectives so your opponent can't contest them without tank shocking in. I will post videos of some of this later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So this week for our Imperium VS Xenos store wide campaign we played 1k points HQ and Elite slots only.

My list:
4 mega nobz with truck
9 nobs 7 big choppa 2 pk 1 painboy with truck

3 centerline objectives
Massacre: control all 3 and more kill points
Major: control all 3
Minor: more kill points
Tie: Same kill points

Game 1 I played VS Ultras and they had Vulcan, Calgar, 10 Termies, and Venerable Dread. Turn 2 Gahz took on the big termies with his 2+ invuln up. I took no wounds and kill Vulcan. His turn I killed a thunder hammer and failed 4 2+ invulns out of 14 rolls. The rest of the game was one big combat with me eventually winning it. I squiged Calgar and then killed him. The game ended turn 5 with me having lost one truck and Gahz. He had lost everything except the dread. Minor Victory.

Game 2 I played VS Wolves and they ran some basic IC and 3 squads and Bjorn. Each squad had 2 power weps. One squad was on foot surrounding Bjorn, one was in a rhino, and the other was in a drop pod. Turn 2 i killed the drop pod squad with Gahz and Mega Nobz, Popped the rhino with powerklaws, made a 10 man squad run after losing close combat. I made them keep running by putting things within 6 inches of them. The other 10 man squad eventually lost to my nobz in hand to hand a two turns later. Gahz got in the truck and went for Bjorn. He popped his 2+ and tanked him and killed him the assault phase after it wore off. I killed everything except the drop pod. I had all 3 objectives and Bjorn too! Massacre.

HQ and Elites could hold objectives and transports could not. It was fun and boring at the same time. Hopefully real games next week for some videos.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Batrep #2 Orks VS Ultras

This is how my orks typically do against my father and against people at the shop. It was nice to play them again finally. This win put me at 65-3-4 with orks in 5th edition. If you don't believe me its in my sig on crossroad forums and my shop will confirm it. My army tends to work in 3 waves. First the Nobs and Stormboyz hit you on turn 2 followed by the boyz mobz turn 3 and then finally the kans will clean up whatever is left on turn 4. The lists that have beat me were a 50 man termi deathwing where i had 1 nob and a kan left and he had 2 termies he got lucky and ended up with 2 objectives to my 1 and got a minor. The next was the first time i played against dual lash and learning what not to do. The next was against seer council and he cheated and cast fortune, doom, and guide the turn he had come in from reserve. I just find that for a non mech marine it is very hard to win against this many orks. Gahz is such a good character and not just for his own abilities but for the tricks he gives to the army. Tactics will be a later segment though.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts for the day 7/24

Well sitting at work so I thought I would post a few 40k thoughts and ideas.

I don't have the codex but would vanguard with jump packs be able to use heroic intervention jumping out of a stormraven that moves flat out? If yes that is a cool trick.

Another list I have been toying with is based off the linebreaker formation from epic a long time ago. It runs jump packs and vindicators to just push as hard as it can and break into your lines fast. At 2500 points it was looking at running Dante and a jump pack honorguard squad they will have melta guns and a lightning claws they will also have the one per army banner. For troops I'll use two wound abused sanguinary guard squads and four assault squads. Then follow those up with vindicators with siege shields. Dante will curse any IC and then I can drop in my meltas with no scatter and they will take care of any tank or he can go with another squad and drop infernious pistols and meltas in close. I would also have one or two sanguinary priests with power weps and jump packs. I then could break it into two groups with feel no pain and furious charge.

I am also looking at a stormraven list but more on that later.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be posting the vid from my game this past Wednesday. My orks made quick work of some marines like they normally do.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nationals VS Jawaballs

So here is the clips I remembered to take while playing against jawaballs round 2.

It was some diplomat mission that sucked and made our guys go into combat before turn 1 and I raped his guys and then he got to kill mine on his first and second turns. It was dawn of war no night fight and I had to go first and he had nothing for me to kill turn 1. Near the end of the video I refer to the center objective. It was worth 500 kps but I was not going to bother telling him till after the game which I did but neither of us owned it. We just packed up after we found out the game was a draw and jawaballs left the tourney completely. His libby with a storm shield managed to kill himself with perils on the last turn after taking another perils earlier in the game.

Overall it was a fun game. I loved being able to play against him and now i will never have to bother him for a fun game on his blog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nationals part doux

Vids are coming later. Only had time to bother with them in round 2 vs jawa balls and forgot a few times/didnt have time. So...Leafblower... it did not exist. I was the most mechanized list at nationals. With everyone setting up to play against Leafblower it hurt my matchups. I was amazed when i did not see any of it and then hoped for good match ups...give me an ork player esp if it was the one with 5 battle wagons. No luck i had a hard day playing against Chaos Marines, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves.

First round: Vs Chaos Marines
6 oblits in squads of 2
2 squads of bezerkers
3 squads of plague
2 deamon princes of nurgle
3 squads of 4 termies with 3x combi meltas

All of his troops had icons to guide in the termies.

Mission we place 5 objectives and the player with the most kill points at the end of the game can make one vital and worth 2. So basically he will have 2 if he has any objective at the end due to my tanks being easy kps. Massacre is 5-6 obj, major is 3-4 obj and minor was 1-2.

He won the roll to go first and went fast moving all the tanks forward and popping smoke to cut my fire in 1/2. Ugh it was going to be ugly. Popped all but 1 transport on turn 1 and due to small fire lanes I could not really kill any squads or focus anything. He then gets 2 termi squads on turn 2 and just starts to lay waste to my tanks. The game for the most part was over now. I managed to kill off most of his troops but he had 1 squad left to spread at the end and take 2 and one guys sitting on another then turn 1 into 2 points while he rolled really well and killed my last troop squad in cover on an objective. Massacre 22-0 points...ugh

Second Round: Vs Blood Angels (Jawaballs)

I was pumped now to see another blood angel army across from me but the mission was bad. The Blood Angels player was non other then Jawaballs himself. I felt honored to play him and would try my hardest to get the victory.

I will post vids from this and i am sure he will to so look for those. Spoiler Alert: I got a draw and made him leave after this round. Draw 12-12 points...getting better.

Third Round: Vs Space Wolves

Logan Grimnar
Njal Stormcaller
5x Wolf Guard Pack 2x combi melta, 1x combi plasma, 2x termi armor Cyclone Missile L
2x Long Fangs 3x Hvy Bolter, 2x Missile L, Squad Leader
Long Fangs 5x Lascannons and Squad Leader

The mission was 3 objectives along the center line one dead center and 2 18 inches away on either side. On turn 4 you would roll and one becomes worth 2 and at the end the player with the most could make any worth another 1. One objective could potentially be worth 3.

Once again failed a die roll and he went first. He got to set up the Lascannons behind a 1 inch hill that was already 5 inches up and really got to take advantage of me. I was forced to go up his flank to cut fire from the right side. First turn he killed a bunch of tanks including rolling really well and killing my vindi...ugh
I went as fast as i could and took shots when i could. I kept losing tanks but not as fast. I rolled well for the libbys shield save mid game. Once i got into combat with multiple squads of mine engaging i quickly wiped out one side of the board but i had lost almost all of my transports except one razorback. I had the far objective and was behind a hill so it was secure. I kept going around and last turn finished off his Lascannons and almost killed both najal and logan. He had 2 objectives and both were worth 2 points to my 1. I got a squad in the remaining razorback to the center of the board and he finished off my transport. He had to charge me with his one squad that was on 2 objectives because i was going to charge him on my turn anyway. He was strung out and could not get many besides 2 termis into combat. He killed 2 guys and i killed 4 because he rolled bad and then he failed 2 morale checks at -2 and i could not catch up cuz he rolled high to get away. My turn i contest the final objective and go from a major loss to a minor victory. He was super pissed and bummed. I was so happy to go 1-1-1 on the day.

My major gripes about scenarios. Gw put no effort into proofing and changing them. The owner of that store had submitted them to Gw a while ago a rough drafts and then they just used them for nationals without editing for the most part. Each was random game length and seize the initiative. Both are fun in a non competitive format but for a national championship it made everything the luck of the die roll. I got lucky to have a turn 6 and 7 to pull a minor out then the last game. Game one went from a minor loss to a massacre due to the dice not ending the game.

On the bright side i got to meet and make friends with jawaballs or I hope he would view me as a friend. I also met and talked with the blood angel player that got third. He was a much better player then me and has been using them for a while. He did get better draws and dice going first 2/3 games and getting an ork player that gave up on turn 2 after all of his battle wagons were wrecked and most of his nobz were going to die. Not trying to bash him guz i respect him and i asked for his army list so i could learn and also got tips from him that i will take to heart.

3rd place Blood Angels List:

Lib: shield, blood lance
Lib: shield, blood lance
Termies 6 TH/SS and 3 Claws
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas
Assault squad melta bombs in Razorback Las and tl plas
Baal pred Flamestorm
Baal pred Flamestorm
Vindi siege shield
Vindi siege shield
Devs 4 Missles with Razorback Las and tl plas

The one thing i really like after talking with him was talking the Las Plas over tl Las Razorbacks. More AP 2 shots and it gives them another wep to fire. I also will not take hunter killers any more unless i really see tons of mech. I will also downgrade my power fists in my 5 man squads to power weps.

Here is how the day came out for nationals:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nationals... Bad day should have brought orks.

No heavy mech and only one lash out of 20 people. All of the games
Would have heavily favored my orks. I will elaborate on them more later. Ended with only 26 points. Played against jawaballs round 2 and got a tie and he left. I never won roll to go first and never got an alpha strike and made my games much harder. Ttyl

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm here big day is tomorrow!

Arrived a few hours ago. Got food and realized the mall with the store was
Right next to me. Checked it out and I loved the display cases and wish crossroads had them to show off it's good painters and players armies. Small store but a separate store front to play at. Tables looked good from a distance. Just relaxing drinking yungling and reading up a little bit more. Sleep soon and then tourney at 8. It will be fun either way. Victory to Sangunious and Baal. Long live the blood angels.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

7/14/10....Doh still new to this

Well i am retarded and completely forgot to take vids of my two games. First was a scenario in our xenos vs human campaign. Main objective was to hold the bunker in the middle and then kill points. I got to play vs a tyranid force at 2000 points. He had 2 small gaunt squads and 1 big 20 man one, doom of m in pod, 2 zoi in pods, 2 carni, 1 tyrranofex, hive tyrant and 2 guard, and a massive squad of warriors. Dawn of war so i deployed nothing and came in on turn 1. Blasted away at the tyrant and guard doing 1 wound cuz of night fighting. The rest of the game was a shit show of him podding in or the tyrranofex making a hole for a gaunt squad to come in through. I rolled a lot of 1s with my melta and las cannons but big bugs just dont stand up to that many melta or las cannon shots anyway. Tyranid pods are super easy kill points with a tl las....1 shot 1 kill insta death. Turn 5 i zoomed out to the bunker and he still had small squad of gaunts left on it that i never could get to cuz of how cornered i was with big bugs. I prayed for turn 6 so i could get the easy luck he rolled a 2. I got the minor victory. At the end of the game i had lost a 10 man squad, baal pred, 1 razorback, 1 rhino, and my vindi. He had lost everything except 3 gaunts in 1 squad and the other 2 small ones were fine and he had the warrior squad left. On turn 6 i would have had enough shots to finish off the 3 small ones and then kill or almost kill the warriors.
My next game was a Ard Boyz primer vs Matt Cassady...ugh IG horde. 2 Objective game and i went second reserving everything to see how it would go. I ended up just barley losing by missing an outflank roll on turn 5. We each had one objective and I lost 7-10 in kill points. Killing 50 guys that have furious charge and 5 hidden power weps is not fun. I cant wait to see people play him at nationals and underestimate the blobs.
Well hopefully i wont be so stupid and at least take pics at Ard Boyz nationals this weekend. I will try to take pics to upload later and also post on my blog brief updates between rounds.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First bat rep 7/13/2010 Blood Angels vs Orks

My 4th game as Blood Angels. I am playing against myself and using my ork list from the previous 2 Ard Boyz rounds.


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

This just proves how much better mobility can be. I rolled bad with my saves and close combat for my BA and orks did fairly well but still almost got tabled. I will have to work on my targets and positioning for my Baal Preds. I am getting better every game with them. I am working on using magnets for my BA and have my Preds done as well as a few other things. I just got all the metal BA shoulder pads i ordered.

Sorry about multiple vids sony vegas pro for some reason was not working well with my iphone vids. I will gte them all as one in upcomming vids.

Enjoy and leave comments,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nationals Update part one

I am at work on my phone so no vids or pics yet but here is what's going on. I placed third at crossroad games in standish Maine with my orks after a massacre and two draws. I played vs a hybrid marine list nothing spamed tabled him fairly quick except a raider running around avoiding my kans. Game two was vs another ork player. Very bloody and ended in a tie with me contesting and grabbing two objectives on the last turn. Game three was against Matt Cassady sorry if I miss spell names he is from team Cold Steel Mercs. He played IG horde and my nobz were in combat forever and the game ended tied 3 to 3 in kill points. I had lost 2 truks and my mega nobz with plenty of wounds elsewhere. I had killed a allied assassin and 2 50 man squads with 6 power weps in them. Long day but in the end I was 3rd and had the orks from round 2 in second and Matt in first. I have decided to make an army switch for nationals and will be playing blood angels.

Blog up!

Hi all this is my first blog here I have been following others for a while and decided to start my own.