Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This weekz events...

Two things to prep for:
1500 pt mega battle for the final week of the campaign
1750 anniversary tourney at crossroad games

I want xenos to win the campaign so I will play orks for that and with comp score I have to play orks for the tourney too.

The mega battle is only kinda a mega battle. Game lasts till some one is tabled and then you go through a jump gate to help another table. So its one long ass game with one side eventually winning. I will probably take 2x set of truks for my knobs so that they can keep going after the first game wrecks it probably. Storm Boyz and other jump pack troops will be amazing. My hope is to table someone as quick as I can and get to another table asap. I will hopefully record everything and its going to be crazy. I think i can only use Gahz's WAAGH once which will kinda suck but I do need to win the first game as fast as I can with as many guys left as I can. Kans will be good cuz Immoble vehicles cannot keep going to the next table and instead the squadron will just wreck them anyway. Expect this to look like most 1500 PT lists that I make. It will be balanced to fight anything and I might use my shokk attack gun YAY!

For the tourney it is free to enter with store cred to the winner. All events at the anniversary are free except those that require product to play like mtg drafting. So yet again I will build a balanced ork list and I have to paint my truks to max out my score card. I will go for a 10 comp score which at our store is:
Base 5 points
-1 for each named HQ
+1 for only 1 HQ
+1 for 2 or less Elite
+1 for 4 or more Troops
+1 for 2 or less Fast Attack
+1 for 2 or less Heavy Support

List that I will probably run:
10 Nobz 2PK 7BC Painboy CBB Truck
30 Boyz PK BP
30 Boyz PK BP
10-19 grots (based on extra points)
20 Storm Boyz PK BP
3 kans
3 kans
Comp score: 10
That is a pretty standard list for me. Its simple and it works fairly well especially with all the basic marines around they just get swamped with my guys. I suffer with no Gahz running my list but I take the hit so that I can improve my chances of winning best overall. I might go meganobz instead of nobz but we will see.
See you next time,

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  1. Too bad you couldn't make it in today. We definitely could have used some more players.