Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weekz update

Xenos won the mega battle last week and I tabled my opponent with my orks in 4 turns and quickly moved to help another xenos. Videos will be up within the week.

Tourney had lower prizes and my brother had a birthday party. So I stayed home and relaxed with my girlfriend.

Tonight was a 1000pt tourney and next week games 2 and 3 will be played. The format was:
1 HQ
0-1 Elite
1 Troop
1 Fast
1 Heavy
NO NAMED CHARACTERS and +1 to any slot except HQ

I played with Blood Angels and made a mini mech list.
Libby w/ shield and sword
Honor Guard 2x flamer 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Baal Pred flame storm
Pred auto can and las sponsons

Played two games. Got a minor win from both. Batrep coming later.

Now with school starting next week I will not be able to play at night and only on weekends because of my evening classes. I just threw some money into the tourney for fun. I will however be able to post pics of my wip blood angels who I am starting to paint. Also my tacticas will come out more often and vids to go with them.
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This weekz events...

Two things to prep for:
1500 pt mega battle for the final week of the campaign
1750 anniversary tourney at crossroad games

I want xenos to win the campaign so I will play orks for that and with comp score I have to play orks for the tourney too.

The mega battle is only kinda a mega battle. Game lasts till some one is tabled and then you go through a jump gate to help another table. So its one long ass game with one side eventually winning. I will probably take 2x set of truks for my knobs so that they can keep going after the first game wrecks it probably. Storm Boyz and other jump pack troops will be amazing. My hope is to table someone as quick as I can and get to another table asap. I will hopefully record everything and its going to be crazy. I think i can only use Gahz's WAAGH once which will kinda suck but I do need to win the first game as fast as I can with as many guys left as I can. Kans will be good cuz Immoble vehicles cannot keep going to the next table and instead the squadron will just wreck them anyway. Expect this to look like most 1500 PT lists that I make. It will be balanced to fight anything and I might use my shokk attack gun YAY!

For the tourney it is free to enter with store cred to the winner. All events at the anniversary are free except those that require product to play like mtg drafting. So yet again I will build a balanced ork list and I have to paint my truks to max out my score card. I will go for a 10 comp score which at our store is:
Base 5 points
-1 for each named HQ
+1 for only 1 HQ
+1 for 2 or less Elite
+1 for 4 or more Troops
+1 for 2 or less Fast Attack
+1 for 2 or less Heavy Support

List that I will probably run:
10 Nobz 2PK 7BC Painboy CBB Truck
30 Boyz PK BP
30 Boyz PK BP
10-19 grots (based on extra points)
20 Storm Boyz PK BP
3 kans
3 kans
Comp score: 10
That is a pretty standard list for me. Its simple and it works fairly well especially with all the basic marines around they just get swamped with my guys. I suffer with no Gahz running my list but I take the hit so that I can improve my chances of winning best overall. I might go meganobz instead of nobz but we will see.
See you next time,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ork Tactica: Storm Boyz

Sorry guys been very bzy workin and being with the GF. Summer is coming to and end and that will give me more time to play 40k. Our stores fin campaign has been kinda silly the past two weeks and I have not participated. I have a tourney there in a few weekends during the anniversary of the store. Hopefully big prizes. Head over to the site for full list of events. Its always a great weekend.

Here we are I thought I could get an easy post in about my second favorite choice in the Ork codex. STORM BOYZ RAWR! These guys are orks on crack. They fly 12+d6 with the only drawback is if I roll a 1 someone dies and that the max size is 20 boyz. So go 12 +d6+6 is a huge charge range of 19-24 inches a turn. Try to run away from that. Unlike the larger boyz mobs and going up mid I have found using them on a flank is much better. These guys are double the points of normal boyz and are capped at 20 instead of 30 so it is much easier to get them into non fearless range. Going down a flank cuts down on fire and with proper planning block los and get an easy turn 2 charge with a full squad. After that use them to keep flying down his table edge killing whatever is left. I typically drive this unit into the ground killing things and often end up with a nob with one wound left either suiciding to kill a vehicle. They almost always make their points back and often times are the reason I win. Like all boyz squads you need the PK on the nob and this time because of the smaller size i take a boss pole. Some personal tactics is I try to find the best multi charge for these guys. I want to kill enough but not too much because i dont want to be shot at after I wipe my opponent. I want the combat to last and end on his turn not mine. I find buildings and go on top of them. People forget about them and it makes them unchargeable and sometimes gets me cover. Spearhead I go for the first turn assault almost always. Most of the time you can get people deploying close and I just place the nob right on the corner of the circle and go to town turn 1. Another strategy to use is keeping these guys behind in waiting and surge forward over your own guys when the time is right and get in assault. You can take Zagstruk as a unit upgrade but honestly he is not worth the points and you do not need to deep strike these guys. I hate reserves as orks and I want my wall of guys on the table pushing forward. I dont know if i would ever take more then one squad of these guys but I love them. These guys are part of my 3 wave strategy that the guys at crossroads know all too well. Turn 2 Storm Boyz and Nobz, Turn 3 Boyz, Turn 4 Kan Mop Up. All my ork lists are small variations of my 2500 point list.

Thanks for reading see you soon

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ork Tactica: Troops

It is thundering here at work so I have time to write my first tactic segment. This is the first of many. I will cover both orks and blood angels eventually.
Here in 5th edition troops are king. They are needed to win objective games. If your troops suck I will just kill yours and make you fight for a tie. Out of all the codexes orks have some of the best troops in both staying power and sheer assault force.
First we have the hated gretchin. These annoying little buggers are great at hiding and holding objectives especially ones in cover. All the while these guys are super low pointed. I tend to run 10 to 19 and a runthurder. That let's me have a large scoring unit for under 70 points. I also love using these guys to bubble wrap my lootas. That will protect my lootas from outflankers or just anything else that wants to fight them in combat. Gretchin are a must in any ork army. They just stay back and let the rest of the boys go all out charging into my opponents lines. Most of the time your opponent will wait till the end to kill the gretchin but it is too late. These buggers tend to be harder to kill then they imagined and score me and objective or two.
Next we have ork boys the core of any ork army. These guys are great. They are fearless at 11 or more models and also have a leadership that is the same as the number of boys in the squad as well capping at 10. I personally like taking 30 man squads. It just gives them more staying power and become more cumbersome. For squad upgrades a nob with a power klaw is a must. The power klaw nob is really hard to kill. He has two wounds and will get his swings unless your opponent can wrap him twice with wounds around a large squad which is no easy task. So on his dieing breaths you nob will take a few people with him. After that you can take one squad as Ard Boyz but I never do. We can also take a transport with 12 guys or less and we have special weapons. I hate small squishy squads and super squishy transports so I avoid them. The special weapons are useless because you should never stop running except to assault. You also want to try your hardest to get the charge. These guys are far worse if you cannot get off the charge. The switch from strength 3 to 4 is huge because of furious charge. The initiative bonus is not typically noticeable on the boys squads however.
Here are some other tips and tricks to use. First off is spreading out. With a squad this large it is easy to want to clump up and push every one of these guys down your opponents throat. This is not the case. Spread them out first. Templates will end the squad quickly if you don't. Also seeing the frustration build for your opponent as he hits only a few guys with a big template is amazing. Then you simply remove casualties from the back of the squad and the wall of boys keeps coming. Next when you have terrain in the way Congo line your guys to go around rather then clumping. Let the rear of the squad keep your coherency and the meet the front line of guys back together as soon as you can. Another great trick is spreading out and holding multiple objectives. You can easily get 3 to 4 objectives with one squad. Or your other option is create a huge barrier around objectives so your opponent can't contest them without tank shocking in. I will post videos of some of this later.