Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weekz update

Xenos won the mega battle last week and I tabled my opponent with my orks in 4 turns and quickly moved to help another xenos. Videos will be up within the week.

Tourney had lower prizes and my brother had a birthday party. So I stayed home and relaxed with my girlfriend.

Tonight was a 1000pt tourney and next week games 2 and 3 will be played. The format was:
1 HQ
0-1 Elite
1 Troop
1 Fast
1 Heavy
NO NAMED CHARACTERS and +1 to any slot except HQ

I played with Blood Angels and made a mini mech list.
Libby w/ shield and sword
Honor Guard 2x flamer 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Assault Squad 10x guys 2x melta and rhino
Baal Pred flame storm
Pred auto can and las sponsons

Played two games. Got a minor win from both. Batrep coming later.

Now with school starting next week I will not be able to play at night and only on weekends because of my evening classes. I just threw some money into the tourney for fun. I will however be able to post pics of my wip blood angels who I am starting to paint. Also my tacticas will come out more often and vids to go with them.
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