Monday, July 25, 2011

Battle Report Catch Up...Weeks 2 and 4 of Summer Campaign

Where is week 3? Well I skipped a week. To be honest nothing would change if I were there. The xenos are winning each week by a large margin and I am the one that wins every week against xenos... oh well. Final Week this next week.

Here is a recap of week 2:

1250 Point Game and nothing from my 750 point list got cleaned I have to use that list as a base and add 500 more points to it. So I threw in 3x FSC Baal Preds and another ASM Squad in a RZR with TL Las. I was hoping to overwhelm some player with pure AV 13 and win the game with shooting and tanks...8 tanks at 1250 with 5x of them AV 13 preds is pretty nasty.

I got paired against an eldar player with 2x fire prisms and 2x falcons everything maxed out and a pain to kill. Dawn of War seize ground. I lost the roll and was forced to go first. I moved on and ready to fire once he got on the board. I had a leg up due to night fight falling off on my turn and I list the morning skys up with las cannons. I stunned both falcons and wrecked a prism. He returned fire and wrecked a auto/las Pred. After that he would almost never shoot again. The mid game went slow and my baal preds eventually made it behind and flamed rear armor to stop tanks.

He made a go after my objective but met 2 squads charging and firing into the falcon and I brought it down and they became pinned for a turn...Finally something for my preds to toast and those eldar smelled so good when they were on fire. The rest of the game I kept shooting and stopping his remaining two tanks.

I contested his objective and held my own and got a solid win. I lost a baal pred and a normal pred and that was it!

Week 3:

I decided not to go and our side would have lost even if I played a make up game for the week.

Week 4: 2k points and I had to reuse much of my 1250 list. I had just finished building a storm raven, DC dread, and death company. Time to test the raging boyz and their new ride out.

I got paired against a horde nid list and I let them have it. This again was a capture and control mission and my opponent chose dawn of war. He elected to go first and moved a lot onto the board and moved up a squad of gaunts past mid field. Taking the risk I flew up and dropped of my dread and rolled ok on the fleet move. Just enough to get into combat with him and I quickly wiped out his squad. The dread would continue on his rampage and ate 2 squads and a large bug that had taken some wounds from las cannon fire. I focused on clearing out his objective and let him get close to mine.

Genestealers popped out of the ground and off my flank and tried to clear out my objective but the flamestorm cannons cleared them quickly and I held off his onslaught of gaunts. He never made it to my objective and I too the 2-0 victory. Out of 10 other games only one other person fighting for the emperor won.

This game was a good training session for the up coming tournament at 2k this past weekend. I will have another summary of that in a few days. Spoiler alert...I won with my blood angels putting me up to 33 wins. I am always improving with them and become more deadly every game.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Campaign: Part 1

Every Wednesday is game night at our FLGS. The store stays open late so we can play and it is always a great time. I threw together a crappy 2500 pt blood angel list and went to play Ming as Ard Boy practice. When we arrived there the summer campaign was about to begin and as per usual it's xenos vs imperium. There was a severe lack of imperium and as such Ming and I were recruited to fight for the Emperor.

The campaign starts small at 750 pts and every week gets bigger. Any unit that stays above half strength replenishes their ranks and continues to fight the next week. Otherwise you can spend those points again for the next week. If you win your game you pick 2 units to roll for vet abilities. If you lose you only get 1.

My list is as follows:
Libby (shield/rage)
Sang Pr
2x 5 man ASQ /w melta and las/plas Rzr Back
2x Auto/las preds

It is a decent core to build off of with plenty of shots and mobility. Also armor 13 is a PIA at lower point levels to kill.

My opponent that I was paired with was playing an ork horde. He had 3x 20 man shoota squads, a big mek with kff, and 3 kans with grotzookas. It was dawn of war deployment with 5 objectives. We rolled and I lost and was forced to go first. There was a large river running diagonally mid field with 2 objectives on one side and 3 on the other. I took the near side with 2 objectives close together so one squad can take both. The plan was to hold 2 or 3 and contest with my tanks when needed.

The game went exactly as planned. His shooting can't hurt me and I took out the kans quick. One of his squads got too close and I wiped them out in close combat. After that he had to try and take me off my two home objectives but it was too late turn 7 went around and I won with a score 3 to 0 on objectives. I lost only a few models and no tanks.

I now have to keep the same list and add 500 points to get to 1250. I rolled for vet abilities on my preds and both got reroll failed terrain tests. Not the best but now I can be a lot more reckless with them tank shocking and contesting over terrain.