Monday, July 19, 2010

Nationals part doux

Vids are coming later. Only had time to bother with them in round 2 vs jawa balls and forgot a few times/didnt have time. So...Leafblower... it did not exist. I was the most mechanized list at nationals. With everyone setting up to play against Leafblower it hurt my matchups. I was amazed when i did not see any of it and then hoped for good match ups...give me an ork player esp if it was the one with 5 battle wagons. No luck i had a hard day playing against Chaos Marines, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves.

First round: Vs Chaos Marines
6 oblits in squads of 2
2 squads of bezerkers
3 squads of plague
2 deamon princes of nurgle
3 squads of 4 termies with 3x combi meltas

All of his troops had icons to guide in the termies.

Mission we place 5 objectives and the player with the most kill points at the end of the game can make one vital and worth 2. So basically he will have 2 if he has any objective at the end due to my tanks being easy kps. Massacre is 5-6 obj, major is 3-4 obj and minor was 1-2.

He won the roll to go first and went fast moving all the tanks forward and popping smoke to cut my fire in 1/2. Ugh it was going to be ugly. Popped all but 1 transport on turn 1 and due to small fire lanes I could not really kill any squads or focus anything. He then gets 2 termi squads on turn 2 and just starts to lay waste to my tanks. The game for the most part was over now. I managed to kill off most of his troops but he had 1 squad left to spread at the end and take 2 and one guys sitting on another then turn 1 into 2 points while he rolled really well and killed my last troop squad in cover on an objective. Massacre 22-0 points...ugh

Second Round: Vs Blood Angels (Jawaballs)

I was pumped now to see another blood angel army across from me but the mission was bad. The Blood Angels player was non other then Jawaballs himself. I felt honored to play him and would try my hardest to get the victory.

I will post vids from this and i am sure he will to so look for those. Spoiler Alert: I got a draw and made him leave after this round. Draw 12-12 points...getting better.

Third Round: Vs Space Wolves

Logan Grimnar
Njal Stormcaller
5x Wolf Guard Pack 2x combi melta, 1x combi plasma, 2x termi armor Cyclone Missile L
2x Long Fangs 3x Hvy Bolter, 2x Missile L, Squad Leader
Long Fangs 5x Lascannons and Squad Leader

The mission was 3 objectives along the center line one dead center and 2 18 inches away on either side. On turn 4 you would roll and one becomes worth 2 and at the end the player with the most could make any worth another 1. One objective could potentially be worth 3.

Once again failed a die roll and he went first. He got to set up the Lascannons behind a 1 inch hill that was already 5 inches up and really got to take advantage of me. I was forced to go up his flank to cut fire from the right side. First turn he killed a bunch of tanks including rolling really well and killing my vindi...ugh
I went as fast as i could and took shots when i could. I kept losing tanks but not as fast. I rolled well for the libbys shield save mid game. Once i got into combat with multiple squads of mine engaging i quickly wiped out one side of the board but i had lost almost all of my transports except one razorback. I had the far objective and was behind a hill so it was secure. I kept going around and last turn finished off his Lascannons and almost killed both najal and logan. He had 2 objectives and both were worth 2 points to my 1. I got a squad in the remaining razorback to the center of the board and he finished off my transport. He had to charge me with his one squad that was on 2 objectives because i was going to charge him on my turn anyway. He was strung out and could not get many besides 2 termis into combat. He killed 2 guys and i killed 4 because he rolled bad and then he failed 2 morale checks at -2 and i could not catch up cuz he rolled high to get away. My turn i contest the final objective and go from a major loss to a minor victory. He was super pissed and bummed. I was so happy to go 1-1-1 on the day.

My major gripes about scenarios. Gw put no effort into proofing and changing them. The owner of that store had submitted them to Gw a while ago a rough drafts and then they just used them for nationals without editing for the most part. Each was random game length and seize the initiative. Both are fun in a non competitive format but for a national championship it made everything the luck of the die roll. I got lucky to have a turn 6 and 7 to pull a minor out then the last game. Game one went from a minor loss to a massacre due to the dice not ending the game.

On the bright side i got to meet and make friends with jawaballs or I hope he would view me as a friend. I also met and talked with the blood angel player that got third. He was a much better player then me and has been using them for a while. He did get better draws and dice going first 2/3 games and getting an ork player that gave up on turn 2 after all of his battle wagons were wrecked and most of his nobz were going to die. Not trying to bash him guz i respect him and i asked for his army list so i could learn and also got tips from him that i will take to heart.

3rd place Blood Angels List:

Lib: shield, blood lance
Lib: shield, blood lance
Termies 6 TH/SS and 3 Claws
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas extra armor
Assault squad melta gun in Razorback Las and tl plas
Assault squad melta bombs in Razorback Las and tl plas
Baal pred Flamestorm
Baal pred Flamestorm
Vindi siege shield
Vindi siege shield
Devs 4 Missles with Razorback Las and tl plas

The one thing i really like after talking with him was talking the Las Plas over tl Las Razorbacks. More AP 2 shots and it gives them another wep to fire. I also will not take hunter killers any more unless i really see tons of mech. I will also downgrade my power fists in my 5 man squads to power weps.

Here is how the day came out for nationals:

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