Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First bat rep 7/13/2010 Blood Angels vs Orks

My 4th game as Blood Angels. I am playing against myself and using my ork list from the previous 2 Ard Boyz rounds.


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

This just proves how much better mobility can be. I rolled bad with my saves and close combat for my BA and orks did fairly well but still almost got tabled. I will have to work on my targets and positioning for my Baal Preds. I am getting better every game with them. I am working on using magnets for my BA and have my Preds done as well as a few other things. I just got all the metal BA shoulder pads i ordered.

Sorry about multiple vids sony vegas pro for some reason was not working well with my iphone vids. I will gte them all as one in upcomming vids.

Enjoy and leave comments,

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