Thursday, July 15, 2010

7/14/10....Doh still new to this

Well i am retarded and completely forgot to take vids of my two games. First was a scenario in our xenos vs human campaign. Main objective was to hold the bunker in the middle and then kill points. I got to play vs a tyranid force at 2000 points. He had 2 small gaunt squads and 1 big 20 man one, doom of m in pod, 2 zoi in pods, 2 carni, 1 tyrranofex, hive tyrant and 2 guard, and a massive squad of warriors. Dawn of war so i deployed nothing and came in on turn 1. Blasted away at the tyrant and guard doing 1 wound cuz of night fighting. The rest of the game was a shit show of him podding in or the tyrranofex making a hole for a gaunt squad to come in through. I rolled a lot of 1s with my melta and las cannons but big bugs just dont stand up to that many melta or las cannon shots anyway. Tyranid pods are super easy kill points with a tl las....1 shot 1 kill insta death. Turn 5 i zoomed out to the bunker and he still had small squad of gaunts left on it that i never could get to cuz of how cornered i was with big bugs. I prayed for turn 6 so i could get the easy luck he rolled a 2. I got the minor victory. At the end of the game i had lost a 10 man squad, baal pred, 1 razorback, 1 rhino, and my vindi. He had lost everything except 3 gaunts in 1 squad and the other 2 small ones were fine and he had the warrior squad left. On turn 6 i would have had enough shots to finish off the 3 small ones and then kill or almost kill the warriors.
My next game was a Ard Boyz primer vs Matt Cassady...ugh IG horde. 2 Objective game and i went second reserving everything to see how it would go. I ended up just barley losing by missing an outflank roll on turn 5. We each had one objective and I lost 7-10 in kill points. Killing 50 guys that have furious charge and 5 hidden power weps is not fun. I cant wait to see people play him at nationals and underestimate the blobs.
Well hopefully i wont be so stupid and at least take pics at Ard Boyz nationals this weekend. I will try to take pics to upload later and also post on my blog brief updates between rounds.

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