Sunday, July 25, 2010

Batrep #2 Orks VS Ultras

This is how my orks typically do against my father and against people at the shop. It was nice to play them again finally. This win put me at 65-3-4 with orks in 5th edition. If you don't believe me its in my sig on crossroad forums and my shop will confirm it. My army tends to work in 3 waves. First the Nobs and Stormboyz hit you on turn 2 followed by the boyz mobz turn 3 and then finally the kans will clean up whatever is left on turn 4. The lists that have beat me were a 50 man termi deathwing where i had 1 nob and a kan left and he had 2 termies he got lucky and ended up with 2 objectives to my 1 and got a minor. The next was the first time i played against dual lash and learning what not to do. The next was against seer council and he cheated and cast fortune, doom, and guide the turn he had come in from reserve. I just find that for a non mech marine it is very hard to win against this many orks. Gahz is such a good character and not just for his own abilities but for the tricks he gives to the army. Tactics will be a later segment though.


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