Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nationals Update part one

I am at work on my phone so no vids or pics yet but here is what's going on. I placed third at crossroad games in standish Maine with my orks after a massacre and two draws. I played vs a hybrid marine list nothing spamed tabled him fairly quick except a raider running around avoiding my kans. Game two was vs another ork player. Very bloody and ended in a tie with me contesting and grabbing two objectives on the last turn. Game three was against Matt Cassady sorry if I miss spell names he is from team Cold Steel Mercs. He played IG horde and my nobz were in combat forever and the game ended tied 3 to 3 in kill points. I had lost 2 truks and my mega nobz with plenty of wounds elsewhere. I had killed a allied assassin and 2 50 man squads with 6 power weps in them. Long day but in the end I was 3rd and had the orks from round 2 in second and Matt in first. I have decided to make an army switch for nationals and will be playing blood angels.

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