Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So this week for our Imperium VS Xenos store wide campaign we played 1k points HQ and Elite slots only.

My list:
4 mega nobz with truck
9 nobs 7 big choppa 2 pk 1 painboy with truck

3 centerline objectives
Massacre: control all 3 and more kill points
Major: control all 3
Minor: more kill points
Tie: Same kill points

Game 1 I played VS Ultras and they had Vulcan, Calgar, 10 Termies, and Venerable Dread. Turn 2 Gahz took on the big termies with his 2+ invuln up. I took no wounds and kill Vulcan. His turn I killed a thunder hammer and failed 4 2+ invulns out of 14 rolls. The rest of the game was one big combat with me eventually winning it. I squiged Calgar and then killed him. The game ended turn 5 with me having lost one truck and Gahz. He had lost everything except the dread. Minor Victory.

Game 2 I played VS Wolves and they ran some basic IC and 3 squads and Bjorn. Each squad had 2 power weps. One squad was on foot surrounding Bjorn, one was in a rhino, and the other was in a drop pod. Turn 2 i killed the drop pod squad with Gahz and Mega Nobz, Popped the rhino with powerklaws, made a 10 man squad run after losing close combat. I made them keep running by putting things within 6 inches of them. The other 10 man squad eventually lost to my nobz in hand to hand a two turns later. Gahz got in the truck and went for Bjorn. He popped his 2+ and tanked him and killed him the assault phase after it wore off. I killed everything except the drop pod. I had all 3 objectives and Bjorn too! Massacre.

HQ and Elites could hold objectives and transports could not. It was fun and boring at the same time. Hopefully real games next week for some videos.

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