Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts for the day 7/24

Well sitting at work so I thought I would post a few 40k thoughts and ideas.

I don't have the codex but would vanguard with jump packs be able to use heroic intervention jumping out of a stormraven that moves flat out? If yes that is a cool trick.

Another list I have been toying with is based off the linebreaker formation from epic a long time ago. It runs jump packs and vindicators to just push as hard as it can and break into your lines fast. At 2500 points it was looking at running Dante and a jump pack honorguard squad they will have melta guns and a lightning claws they will also have the one per army banner. For troops I'll use two wound abused sanguinary guard squads and four assault squads. Then follow those up with vindicators with siege shields. Dante will curse any IC and then I can drop in my meltas with no scatter and they will take care of any tank or he can go with another squad and drop infernious pistols and meltas in close. I would also have one or two sanguinary priests with power weps and jump packs. I then could break it into two groups with feel no pain and furious charge.

I am also looking at a stormraven list but more on that later.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be posting the vid from my game this past Wednesday. My orks made quick work of some marines like they normally do.


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