Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nationals VS Jawaballs

So here is the clips I remembered to take while playing against jawaballs round 2.

It was some diplomat mission that sucked and made our guys go into combat before turn 1 and I raped his guys and then he got to kill mine on his first and second turns. It was dawn of war no night fight and I had to go first and he had nothing for me to kill turn 1. Near the end of the video I refer to the center objective. It was worth 500 kps but I was not going to bother telling him till after the game which I did but neither of us owned it. We just packed up after we found out the game was a draw and jawaballs left the tourney completely. His libby with a storm shield managed to kill himself with perils on the last turn after taking another perils earlier in the game.

Overall it was a fun game. I loved being able to play against him and now i will never have to bother him for a fun game on his blog.

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