Thursday, September 30, 2010

This weekz update

So school started and I was super busy. I got to play in the Crossroad Games monthly tourney last month. The format was random partners 1k points. I brought my orks and went very simple.
12 lootas
30 boyz
30 boyz
20 Storm boyz

we got a massacre first round against chaos and ultras then a minor game 2 vs 2x ultras and a draw game 3 vs nids and orks. Honestly I felt like most of my army did nothing all three games and the one thing between both of us that made us win was his redic wolf lord at like 275 pts or something stupid. I could feel Gahzghkull calling me from his box at home.

Other then 40k I just finished building my new gaming computer and its friggen sick. I went overboard with my CPU cooler getting the 2 highest output fans available attached to one of the best heat syncs available. 510 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air is being pushed across my heat sync.
Core i7 930
2x evga GTX 460
1tb hd
crappy cd drive
HAF 932 case
Evga x58 FTW 3 mobo
4gb DDR3 2200

its fast and I can make and compress a 10 min vid for youtube super quick.

Other then that I have been working on getting parts and finalizing the build stage of my blood angels. I am a perfectionist and I want this army to look good and for guys to match up looks wise.


  1. What sort of gaming do you do? FPS, RTS, MMO, etc?

  2. I play mainly League of Legends (free to play btw)and I have a pretty sweet wow account but its been inactive for a while. I play anything really.