Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fritz's 750pt Challenge

Finally found a video converter program and I have my intro all set. Making videos will be much easier and faster. Expect a lot more from me!

As for 750...It seems to be all about your core build and not a whole lot more then that. I like how basic this list is plus the massive number of bodies I have on the board is amazing. Great game and some interesting comments at the end from my father.

Thanks for watching,


  1. I probably wouldn't have combat squadded both Tacts. I may not have combat squadded either and aimed to hold two objectives with Tacts and use the Assault Marines to contest another to aim for a draw but possibly pull out a win with some good rolls. Of course it's always easier to give advice.

    I understand his frustration with casualty removal but it was one of those things 5th did to speed gameplay.

  2. Not only that, but only targeting in range would give some very clever players the ability to snipe certain members.

    It is so dang cool you guys play 40k together. I hope my kid is interested.