Monday, November 8, 2010

Ork Tactica: Ghazghkull

For orks this guy is the bread and butter. He hold everything together in a competitive format for orks. He is both a close combat monster and a force multiplier. Who else in the game can have an on demand 2+ save and make ever one of his buddies fearless? Any list of mine 1500+ or over I try to run him. He fits best with mega nobz but can work well with almost anything.
Now you are thinking where are the tactics and why am I reading this?
Ghazghkull's WAAAGH is the main reason for taking him. 6+ fleet move for almost your entire army and making them fearless for a whole game turn. On top of that Ghaz turns into a tank with a 2+ invuln for a whole game turn. Now the usage of this is the key point. The Key: IT CAN BE USED ANYTIME ON EITHER PLAYER TURN AND LAST THE FOLLOWING PLAYER TURN! If I use it on my opponents turn I still get my 6 inch fleet move on my turn. Now this is where making things fearless is key. PBS can drop your nobs down to a 2LD and then make you fall off the board...well not any more. Just pop the WAAAGH after he put his effort on them or else where and use it IN RESPONSE TO THE MORALE OR PINNING CHECK. I also tend to use this to save my stormboyz or other units that I need to stay on the board. Another use is to make Ghaz a tank and send him into a deathstar unit alone. He is fearless and has a 2+/2+ and that can typically buy me time for a whole game turn and let the rest of his squad kill something else and return to him. Or he will kill the deathstar unit by himself. The third and final use is to get all your troops into combat faster IE turn 2-3.
Ghazghkull is a monster and my favorite character in the game.
Thanks for reading!


  1. His biggest asset is being a force multiplier. The fact he's a beast in combat is just the icing on the cake. He's not cheap but when you take into account everything you gain by taking Ghaz you realize he's not that expensive considering.

    One of these days I need to put him on the table. I don't need him for the guaranteed 6" fleet move with all my stuff in vehicles, not typically, but making my small Trukk units fearless could certainly be handy.

  2. Anti-Tactica? Three hard things to do. Kill his truck. Then pop him and the wargang he rolls with. Easy? No...and you have to do it turn 1, or it won't matter...