Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BA new directions

I have been thinking for a while about changing up my blood angels. There is a reason to my madness for magnetizing every blood angel's back pack! There are two lists currently I think about as options.
This list has had some success at out FLGS with another BA player or a variation of the list.


A few JP Assault squads

Death Company maxxed with PW
Lemartes or Chaplain

DC Dread

Storm Raven

You can reserve everything and arrive on your own terms and avoid all of the alpha strike lists! Once you hit their lines the game is over the Death Company will tear any unit a new one. Plus the storm Raven can Fire a Multi Melta while turbo boosted to pop pesky tanks so we can get at the good stuff. I like this list a lot but with no storm raven model I am limited on what I can do.

My other list is a pure jump pack list. I run libbys and a ton of Assault Squads and follow it up with vanguard and Sang Priests. The Assault squads vary from tank killer to troop destroyer with 2x flamer and 2x hand flamer!

I will probably start working on the second list soon!

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