Friday, October 15, 2010

Meta Game thoughts

Its not a new concept. I learned about it when playing MTG in the 90's and have always thought about it for 40k. More and more talk about the Meta game comes out every week. Personally I hate how the current tourney environment is. Mech is so boring to see on every table. I know i jumped the bandwagon and got a BA mech list. However I have yet to table someone or even put a huge dent in anyone. I keep trying to make lists and they all end up just about the same. I keep going back in disappointment to my Orks. Tried and true they do well in our local Meta game. We dont have a ton of pure mech lists and I think that brings a better chance of my orks winning. Also I do have 9 walkers... <3 kans. So no matter what happens it looks like I will probably start putting my effort back into my orks and I will try to get my play skill with them back to where It was.

1 comment:

  1. Stay with your Orks man, they are brutal. I would really advocate you exploring battlewagons