Monday, December 6, 2010

Interesting thread to follow

Ming last week pointed this thread out to me:

It is a thread about me and other players struggles and ideas about how to beat me. Go read it and I have a decent post in there as a response.


  1. It's a good example of the "internetz" voicing a flawed opinion. I tried to point out how tailoring or taking trump units won't work because it's not as simple as pointing X at Y, but no one seems to listen to that.

  2. You know, the problem I think most people have playing you, Ripped, is they are intimidated. People who are intimidated tend to make stupid mistakes and question their strategy. Someone who isn't intimidated isn't guaranteed a win of course, there's still army composition, the mission being played and general strategy to take into account, however they stand a far better chance of doing well by removing the intimidation factor.

  3. Intimidation and people accepting the defeat before the game has even started. Cough *Ming* cough. He did much better when he played to beat me last tourney.

  4. Bwahahahahahahha. You wanna piece of dat? You got what it takes to stomp an ork list?

    Come to Crossroads and ask Dave to see...the Dragon...

    Disclaimer:make sure he knows what you are talking about or he may show you something...not the dragon...