Friday, December 10, 2010

This Weekz Update 12/10/2010

Well this semester is finally coming to a close and I just have 2 exams to go! 40k has been lacking for a while but next weekend is another monthly tourney. I think it is 1850 but idk. If i get to painting I might have reason to play my blood angels. They are mostly built and cleaned up.

If you have not read the thread about my list on bolter and chainsword linked below...go read it!!!

It has some great ideas and good theory crafting going on and is very entertaining to me at least.

I have to edit and put together a vid of my angels from a few weeks ago where I have 1 model left and still won the game. Look to see it out in the next week.

Hopefully I will start playing wed night more at my flgs and get some more videos. There will be a campaign or something starting at my flgs and there will be coverage of that at least.

Thanks for reading guys,


  1. Lol, that thread's advice is so full of fail. It makes me a little bit sad for them.

    Congrats on running an army that is so effective- it's fun to win games, and helps with hobby money :)

    Are you coming to Adepticon or the Nova this year? I'd be interested to see how your list would shake out there, since it obviously dominates your local/regional scene!

  2. I really want to attend both. I am a broke college student so it all depends on how my money situation is. I know that the top group of us at my flgs have been talking about going to some team stuff in NE or a few of us starting to travel to tourneys. At least I wont make the mistake of switching to a brand new army using winnings for Ard Boyz nationals.

  3. Hm, yeah, it's a big switch in both money and mindset going into the 'national' scene. I've been to a few big tournaments, and my lists/approach to the game has changed pretty dramatically.

    I've had a little bit of success on the national scene (as in, good placings, best being 6th overall/best sportsman at BoLSCON and one stupid loss away from winning the whole thing) and now I don't really care about how I do at local tournaments.

    I mean, I care, and I still win them, but it's not my focus anymore. Everything I do now is 'training' for the big events.

    Lots of the big events are already either close to full or are full so if you want to go, I'd advise trying to sign up asap. They refund you so it's usually worth putting in a place-holder just in case. :)