Monday, April 23, 2012

April Assault Prep

After my poor experiences with blood angels and comp systems. I decided to scrap my plans and go back to the drawing board. I knew 6th was going to come out soon and I really wanted to break 100 wins with orks before then. I started to fiddle with perfect comp lists and digging out old models. Some of the lists I liked but I knew playing fluffy orks VS some of the lists that match perfect comp but are competitive in other codex will be hard.

I was pretty bzy with school and did not have much time to paint or build things. From that I knew I would already be behind in points. There were also 30 comp points given out on top of everything at the judges discretion. The judges are made up of people that I play with and as such they know I am here to stomp. No matter how fluffy my list is I will not be getting the 30 extra comp points. I concluded my only chance was to go for pure winning goodness. I build my list around that and disregarded comp. The only thing I had to do was make a list to meet the minimum comp requirements.

My List:

5x Mega Nobz
20 storm boyz
30 boyz
30 boyz
10 lootas
3 kans

Took me a little bit to make it to this point but it was not a hard list to make. It runs off of my standard ork build and strategy.

I took my first warm up game vs ming the weekend before the April Assault. Orks vs Ultras...classic!

Not much to report on that game. I tabled him by the bottom of turn 2 except a land raider. I then chased the land raider down for another turn and the game was over in 30 minutes.

Second practice game was against a bug list. He stayed back and kept shooting with warriors and guard. I pushed ghaz, nobz, and storm boyz down his throat and let my boyz handle the big bugs dropping in near the mid objective. The kans got into combat with Doom and tied him up and eventually killed him. His tyrant got into combat with ghaz on turn 5 and I blew my 2+ invuln and crushed him. The rest of my army had pretty much already wiped the board. Easy win.

Lists were turned in that day and no one could swap and counter me within the club.

I was happy with the strong showing from them as usual. Time to fight for first in the April Assault.

Battle reports for the tournament are coming.

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  1. Man, you played that list above? What were you thinking? Where is your battelwagon? Deffrolla? Attack squigs? Man, you just don't get it...