Friday, April 27, 2012

April Assault Round 1

Each round was going to be 2 hours at 1500 points. I was warned before my first game that I would be playing against a new player with less than 5 games played of 40k. He was a polite older gentleman who had played figure games most of his life and was finally getting into 40k. He was playing a space wolf army with long fangs, a dread, predator, a couple squads of guys, and a rune priest. He did not have dice and was very fresh to the rules and armies.

The mission was kill points and objectives and they were all centrally located on his half of the board. We were playing on a dense urban setup with plenty of tall los blocking buildings. I hid Ghaz's truck and lined up my boyz on the two major routs across the board and my stormboyz flanking to the left. He shot up some stormboys and my lootas and killed one kan. I marched forward and ran with everything prepping a quick strike. Ghaz shot forward and ate a squad that had gotten out of their rhino. There was plenty of talking and the first turn took well over an hour. I had a time crunch and knew I had to finish this quick.

Turn two was more of him shooting and not killing a lot. I lost a mega nob and a few boyz but not enough to stop the onslaught that was going to happen on my turn... We had about 30 minutes left when my second turn finally started. I moved everything and then blew my 6 inch fleet and then charged everything on turn 2. When the dust settled he had lost everything except the long fangs hiding in a building. My stormboyz got crushed by both grey hunter squads but had been multi charged by a 30 man squad and 2 kans.

We played 3 more turns but I just left his long fangs alone and sat on objectives and let him fire at me. I got full points for the game and was set to move on to play against the next top person.

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