Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ork Tactica: Nobz

Sorry I have been super bzy with work. Working at a ski mtn I got snowed out today lol. So i have the day off. My internet keep fouling up but I will prep two batreps and have them posted within the next 2 weeks.

I thought I had already written one for Nobz but here it goes.

Other armies have their elite units of warriors and the orks have nobs. There are two versions Nobz and Mega Nobs. The latter being in a crappy version of termi armor. There is a place for both however. Mega Nobz are rarely played by most but I find them to be a great body guard for ghazghkull (read my early tactica on him).

Nobz are one of the best elite forces in the game and probably have the best diversity of armaments. With their 2 wound base they also have great wound abuse potential. You can have up to 10 wounds before you need to remove a model. They can get a bike if you want and have a 4+ save, a 5+ invuln, and 4+ FNP... These guys are great. I see most people running them on bikes and zooming across the field. I however run them in a truck. Here is why: I save on points, The extra toughness does not change much, the truck is a much smaller size overall then a squad of bikers, everyone runs bikers, I can squeeze ghazghkull into this squad on a truck, and there is more but honestly figure out your preference of bikes vs truck yourself. They do need a ride or otherwise dont bother taking these guys. You need to abuse wound allocation with these guys and mix up their weps. I only runn 7 different guys in a 10 man squad but that tends to do ok anyway. Now most people dont buy Uge Chopps on these guys but for 5 points how can you go wrong? You lose 1 attack but gain +2 to strength...s7 on the charge and s6 normally. These guys turn into tank killers with this one upgrade. They can also kill monsterous creatures with ease now. Power klaws are a must in any ork squad that will get in CC. I run 1 for a size 1-5 and 2 for 6+. This gives me enough to kill almost anything in the game easily. The final important point I would like to bring is kombi-scorchas are amazing..s5 ap4 with no rolls to hit always do well. In my 10 man squad I run 4 total. This will either do huge damage or make holes for my orks to charge through.

Mega Nobz are far worse then nobz for two reasons. The lack of a 5+ invuln and Slow and Purposeful. Dont let that get you down. These guys are cheap for what they do and if you pick their targets right you wont have a problem. I always ask and find out what squads have power weps or power fists and send these guys into my opponents weak spots. You can also trade them for terminators in combat. Most of the time my Mega Nobz die but take out a ton of guys in the process. Multi Charging marines is also key. They can kill so many that if you dont multi charge you may overkill the squad. I run them as a 5 man squad and throw Ghaz in with them and let them go to town. Another great thing is that with 2 wounds and armor 2+ is makes them last much longer then nobz. There is so mant marine lists running missile launcher lists and these guys will tank that ap3 all day.

There you go a brief tactica on one of the best death star units in the game. Any questions on them or anything else on depth just ask. Also I would like suggestions for my next tactica segment.

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