Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Brethren Joining The Ranks

The end of the semester is here and I have been super stressed over getting work done and not really gaming. I have done some more work on painting my blood angels and they are looking better. Personal rule of thumb is your models roll better when painted..try it out its TRUE!!!

Now onto the real story for the day. I finally convinced one of my friends and gaming buddies to try out 40k and he LOVES IT. He has seen some of this before and also the DOW games. We were talking last week and and I convinced him to let me play a small 1k point demo game at my house last weekend. He could pick between IG, Ultras, BAs, and Orks and chose Blood Angels. I threw together a great 1k list for him and then made a super fun 1k point ork list to dick around and teach him the rules.

My SAG rolled an 11 on turn one and missed while a large loota squad failed to kill anything and then followed up on turn 3 with the SAG ripping my squad into the warp...nice! I let him get a draw and had some fun. He talked a little smack and then I dug out a marine killer list and slaughtered him. He had plenty of fun tho. Shooting with preds, casting with libbys, and charging with assault squads. I gave him the Blood Angels codex to read and he has read it over a few times.

Last night I got him to come along to play at the FLGS. I found another new player with only 2 games played with nids and I brought a hybrid mech/jump BA list for a 2000 pt game. We split up our army and and I gave him the larger half. We had a fun quick game that ended on turn 3 with us tabling the nids. Lots of las and plas = dead big bugs. He got to look at other armies and codex in the store. I have him hooked now and he will slowly start building his own Blood Angels army. For now he will be borrowing mine whenever he wants and I will start playing my orks in prep for the 2011 Ard Boyz season.

I have had a lot of fun teaching new players the rules and getting them into the game. I also recommend if you want to get a friend into the game, let him play one of your armies first and get the feel before they jump both feet in.

As a side note our monthly tourney is 2000pts and this Saturday hope to see you there!!! See the link on the top of my page for crossroad games.



  1. Awesome, the more the merrier in this game.

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