Sunday, May 1, 2011

This months tourney wrapup

I have been pretty spent due to school work and have not had a lot of time to blog. Sorry guys. Anyway last weekend was my monthly tournament at Crossroad Games. I decided I will keep playing my Blood Angels till they dont win a tourney and then swap to orks and go back and forth whenever one dosnt win. Also all prizes must be spent on the winning army now. No more orks carrying my Blood Angels and kitting them out. My fleet of orks is full of old metal models and needs replacing and updating.

Onto the tourney:
I played BAs and a hybrid mech/jump list. The same list I used to teach my friend to play with in my previous blog post. I liked the list and wanted to see how it would do in a tourney setting.

Game one was table quarters with a center objective. I was against nids and spearhead deployment. The game ended for the most part on turn 2 when I melted a winged tyrant and 20 warriors. His army was crippled. He charged one assault squad with 30+ gaunts and because of the lack of rending I only lost 2 marines. 3+ and 4+ FNP is like fighting termis. I got massacre for 20 pts and 2 bonus points.

I always scout around after rounds and try to find out how everyone did and who I might be playing. Our computer matches highest points together. I was 3rd highest behind a full 25 point and a 23 point. No one else had a massacre so I knew I would be playing down vs a major or minor.

No surprise I was paired against a major with bonus points. I got to go against space wolves. It would be modified kill points again. I had a ton of kill points but so did he. I just needed to stop him from killing my tanks. He had 3 venerable dreads one being bjorn. I spread my fire across his tanks and dreads stopping almost all of them from firing. He moved closer and I took advantage of this. Turn 2 all my squads hopped out and melted his front line of dreads. I knocked out both transports and charged into one with a jump pack squad. Of the dreads one was immobilized another wrecked and bjorn's power arm ripped off. So no more close combat capabilities from the dreads. I was safe and had won the game for the most part on turn 2 again. I got full points for the game.

We finished early so I scouted around on the top table to see what was going to happen. It was Notmatthew and his blob IG vs Creative Twilight and his shrike list(see Creative Twilight's blog on my blog list to the right). The game had been pretty close and heated. The close combats dragged on and made the game slow to a crawl. Time ran out and the IG pulled out with a minor win. I then scouted other tables and figured out IG was closest in 2nd over 3rd and 4th by 2 points.

I have yet to lose to Notmatthew. I have one win with orks and a draw and a draw with my BA's. I knew I needed to take my full force and section off his blobs and take my whole army vs only part of his. Each squad has a pw and blobs into 40 man squads. Commissars give him stubborn and rerolls and another pw so I wont be able to break them after winning combat. I knew what I needed for points to win the tourney and played to meet that goal. The game ended in a draw. Notmatthew was sure he was out of the top 3. I however always keeping tabs on points was almost sure he still would be top 3.

Results came in and I won and bought myself a DC dread and have some left over for next month. Notmatthew and another ork player tied in points for 2nd and chaos deamons took 3rd I believe.

Great day of play. I learned a few new things playing against Notmatthew and always look forward to playing him. I would probably say he is my closest rival in 40k. Always tough games and I learn every time.

All my non flgs readers should come up for a monthly tourney and see if you can best me on my home turf. We have a great fun community and welcome all who join us to play.

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  1. Nice report. Wish we had pix of the notmatthew battle...