Thursday, May 26, 2011

200 PT Kill Team Fun Tourney Wrapup

Yesterday afternoon I decided I would head over to my flgs later that evening and it hit me... there was a 200pt $5 kill team tourney...AWESOME. I debated running 56 grots and 4 slavers but I would rather run something that could stand a chance at winning. Each model is a separate unit completely. Set up rules are a little different and instead of seizing the player going first must roll a die and on a 1 your opponent goes first. I was running 5 bikers and 10 gretchin and a slaver.

Game one was vs 6 lootas a copta and a shoota boyz squad. I was going first and set my bikes out in the open ready to go at him gunz blazing. Then I rolled a 1 and handed him first turn...I lost 3 bikes and it would be a down hill battle. I killed a few guys and got my remaining 2 bikes into close combat and over 5 turns they killed 0 orks and he finally killed both of them. The game has to turn limit but does have a time limit. My gretchin were safe in the back and he couldnt get to them in time and we got a draw.

Game two was vs wolves with a lone wolf th/ss and 6 grey hunters one with a plasma. I took one bike and suicided to kill his plasma and shot the hell out of the lone wolf and did nothing. I sent my PK right at the lone wolf and we traded blows and both died as I planned. The rest of my guys fired their dakka dakka gunz slowly out shooting the marines and won me the game.

Game three was against Ming with a full tact squad with a flamer and a multi melta. I failed to kill the multi melta turn one after I went first and he killed my PK right off the bat. Turn 2 I killed his flamer and multi melta and backed up. The rest of the game would be like my last one... just back up and fire. I just out shot him and moved to reduce his total bolter shots every turn and won the game.

IG with a valk and a vet squad won the day mostly due to almost no opponents able to deal with the valk. I took second and I think my first round opponent took the "Boob award" or best sport. I liked this fun format a lot and so did almost every one. A lot of people are going to revamp their lists for next time because of some of the lop sided games example: Venerable Dread vs Doom... Doom just cant win no matter what. Over all tho we will probably work on the rules set and maybe bring the points up.

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  1. I did manage to down that Valkrie and strip 2 out of 3 guns off it. I was 1 model from making him take a LD test but at that point I was taking LD tests and failed it. So close.

    Yeah, I think some just minor tweaking, like no more than AV10 all around for a vehicle, and we're good.