Sunday, June 12, 2011

That was a lot of rust

Ming and I have started our normal ritual of prepping for Ard Boyz. Playing games weekly at the house with post game analysis and thoughts. We randomize what previous Ard Boy scenario we get and out list of the is pretty extensive now. I decoded to play my orks and see how it would go. We drew up a game with 6 objectives and they would activate on turn 2, 4, and 6. We had other things to do and never bothered timing the game.

The game was bloody to say the least. I started Midfield with 60 Orks and everyone else would race on and try to catch up. His whole army moved on and castled up like normal. Wave after wave of orks smashed into his line anywhere from 400-1000 points at a time. I kept chipping away until eventually My kans arrived on turn 4. They made quick work of his tanks and remaining troops. My grots were happily in the back on the objectives until the redeemer flamer met them face to face. They lost 3 guys and failed morale and ran...oh well No objectives for either of us but I had him on kps.

At the end I had 7 kans left, ghaz, and a loota squad. He had a land raider redeemer, kantor, libby, and a trashed landraider that cant move or fire anything that would matter. We both lost almost all of our armies and was a tough fought game. I made several mistakes throughout the game most involved his flamer land raider because it was just a small cutting board flat to the table as a proxy... I took a minor victory but a win is a win.


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