Thursday, June 28, 2012

100TH WIN ORKS 5th ED!!!

Life is still proving to be crazy and squeezing in time for gaming is near impossible currently. I won the tournament at another store almost 2 months ago and I hit my 98th win for 5th edition with my orks in the last round. I wanted to hit that magical 100th win mark before the next edition landed. Preorders went out and I knew I would have to do it this week or bust. I went to the FLGS and like what happens often almost everyone was playing already or just talking on an on. I needed 2 wins to get to 100 and only had time for 2 games. If I lost either one I would not hit the 100 mark.

Ming and his ultras had no opponent and I wanted to get my first game in quickly. We set up and played 2000 points and the same exact lists we used in the previous tournament. Another grudge match and I know he wanted to stop me and go down in history in the club for doing so. We rolled up standard missions and got Kill Points and Dawn of War. I was going first and I set up my 2 30 man squads along the center of the board. I moved in on turn one and set one of the squads forward enough to bait our the terminators. He took the bait and on turn 2 the whole board was in close combat. We slugged it out for a while but because he never got to soften me up I wont the battle 12-7 in kill points.

I started looking around for who wanted to stop me from hitting win 100. One of my favorite opponents and friends in the club stepped up to face me with a crazy CC GK army. I looked across the table and I was not happy and he could very easily win if I make a mistake or he plays flawlessly. We rolled up and got KP/DOW again! I also managed to go first and set up as per usual with my 2 blobs along the center. He set up his deathcult assasins and terminators in the corner in a nice castle formation. I knew if I had to fight him I would have to hit him all at the same time and win one massive combat. When he drove his reinforcements on turn one he put them in the opposite corner. My mind was set and I was going to ignore most of his army and pick up the 7 easy kill points that he deployed on the other side of the board.

I just ran away from his deathstar and pushed into his other half of his army. The nobz and Ghaz made quick work of 5 kill points(almost 7) and I lost 3 in return. It was a close game and came down to strategy. It might have gotten even closer if the game continued past turn 5 but the dice gods didn't allow it.

I would like to thank everyone who I have played in 5th edition for the great games I have had (even you shiny rhino)! I can't wait to see what 6th brings and start my counts over for my armies.


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