Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ork Tactica: Death Koptas

This is one of my favorite new models from the last ork codex. Often overlooked these guys pack a punch. They can shoot, assault, and their mobility is second to none. Lets look at what we have:
TL Big shootas and upgraded to TL Rockets for 10 pts
Power Klaws for 25 pts
Big Bombs for some one time use large blast goodness
The koptas have 2 wounds and t4/5 so not to bad but a crappy save unless turbo boosted. They have scout so they can outflank and move before the game starts. This includes being able to turbo boost pre turn 1 so they will always have a cover save. You must stay 12 inches away from all enemies on your scout moves.
I don't run these guys in my lists until the higher point levels. They just cost so much that it is not worth it at lower points. I use them as a quick alpha striking squad and take out some big problem units quick. If you go first you can auto hit tanks with your klaws in combat and shred most tanks. Combo that with TL rockets these guys will open up the fast stuff so the squishy goodness inside can get charged by my main force. Then they can also deal with large blob squads via Big bombs. These one shot large blasts are dropped off on any unit you fly over. YOU CAN EVEN TURBO BOOST AND DROP THEM! That is just amazing. The most hardened of squads fall to the sheer fire power of the big bombs. I have killed 50 man IG squads in one swipe and even squads of termis. Just drop enough of them and over power them with numbers. The final use I have for these is charging into heavy wep squads on turn one ie Devs and Long Fangs. This will cut down on the shots my opponents have that can damage my kans and trucks.
Koptas almost never live through the game but at the same time they almost never suck. Every game they tend to make back their points and more. If your koptas make it out alive after alpha striking then either hide them or be orky and push them even further down your opponents throat.
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These elite jack if all trades squads do


  1. What size are you running these in and how many bombs are you taking? Taking out an IG blob like that makes me think you're running 5 of them all with bombs?

  2. When I run them for Ard Boyz at 2500pts I run 1x PK and 5x bombs...i pay for 5x tl rokets cuz thats what the AOBR ones come with. Thats the orky way to play them. Biggest squads and lotz of extra gibbenz.

  3. I agree. Koptas are nasty and a huge distraction and overall part of the Kunning Plan that is the ork Waaaagh.