Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Tourney Wrapup

This past Saturday there was a 2000pt tourney at my FLGS. I had not played for quite some time because of work and classes. So Friday night I drove to play a chaos player from our FLGS at his house.

The game Friday was a great warm up. We had rolled and got DOW and 2 Objectives. Ugh I hate DOW because of how slow the good portion of my army is. I lost the roll and was forced to play first. There was an objective near mid field and another deep into his deployment zone. He was playing a lash list with 2 squads of oblits and a defi. There was one large 10 man termi squad and 2 3 man melta termi squads. Then 2 basic squads of chaos with icons. I placed my 30 man squads in the middle and on the left flank. The one on the left was to fight after his objective. Everything else would come on turn one. I move up my blobs and run them forward. Everything comes on and runs moving as fast as I can. My stormboyz move 22 inches that turn. His turn one he walks on oblits, defi, and the 10 man termi squad onto his objective. My middle boyz mob gets lashed and brought down to 12 models. Everything else was fine. My turn two ghaz pops his Wagaah and the 30 man blob gets into combat with his large termi squad and so does my stormboyz moving another 22 inches this turn. My 12 man squad goes and kills some oblits and my nobz get out of the trukk leaving ghaz and kills his lash sorc rhino. It explodes and pins the squad. Over the next few turn my nobz tar pit and kill off his right flank including the defi. My stormboyz and boyz eventually die in close combat due to a counter charge by some basic chaos marines. Ghaz quickly mops up that combat solo. The kans and my lootas never really do anything and I table my opponent by my turn 5. My gretchin are also holding the objectives at this time.

Now onto tourney time! Game one was vs Ig mech. The objective was to capture and walk off the board with objectives. Spearhead deployment and objectives in the center of each quad and board center, so 5 total. I won the roll and went first. He scouted both valk and a vet quad onto the 3 objectives and then it was my turn to move. I blew up the chimera in the center and pinned the unit. On the right the valk was fine and I boosted Ghaz and my storm boyz over as fast as I could. On the left I moved and ran a large linked squad to the objective with support from a kan squad. In the center I moved and ran a large boyz mob linked to the table edge and rolled a 6 for run. This put me on top of the objective. A grot squad grabbed and ran off the board with my objective. My opponent failed to run off the board on his turn with the two scouted units. My turn two consisted of wiping off the units carrying the objectives and grabbing and taking the middle off the board. He shot and did very little his turn two. My turn three I grabbed and ran the two side objectives off the board. I got a massacre and a quick win. Took about an hour.

Game 2 was modified kill points. I spread out across the middle of the board and went first. I was playing against a mech Spacewolves with termis. Turn one was all out movement. My opponent castled himself in a corner. His shooting resulted in a wrecked trukk and a few wounds on my nobz and one on ghaz. He was in striking range on turn two so I popped my Wagaah and let ghaz and knobz multi charge termis, dreads, njal, and a land raider while my stormboyz wiped out the longfangs. One group of kans also made it into combat with the land raider due to a large run roll on turn one and him moving forward a few inches. My lootas also managed to stop a rhino during the shooting phase. Ghaz and friends wiped the land raider and the venerable dread and killed a few out of the termi squad with no wounds taken. My opponent forfeit the game on his turn two with most of his army crippled. A win in 45 min...I was hoping for a good day of gaming.

Game 3 I finally got to play another ork player! It was 6 objectives and 3 would activate on turns 2, 4, and 6. I was forced to go first and I played very defensively. I set up so that my units could react to his assaults. I quickly wrecked his looted wagons with boom guns with my lootas. I took almost no casualties waiting for him to get close. On turn two he began to charge me. I tied him up in combat and began to sweep the board with my stormboyz and nobz. My 30 man squads took a beating from his charges but that was the plan from the start. In the end ghaz caught his nobz in the open and popped his Wagaah and charged in killing 4 and taking no wounds. They were quickly dispatched. In the end I had lost about 60 orks and all of my kans. But in return killed everything of his except 3 truks. I held the objectives and went on to win this game and finally got to play a full game!

I won the tourney overall and had a great day. I am holding onto my winnings and I will unload them all at one time. I might just have to buy 6+ drop pods and give them to my day and laugh at him.

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