Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Months Tourney

Last month at the FLGS we had a 2000 point tourney. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a painting prize. I decided about 2 months ago that I had to win this tourney with my Blood Angels to continue playing them in Ard Boyz. I had to make the toughest list that I could and have it represent a solid core of my Ard Boyz List.

I ran 2x Plas Backs, 1x Las Back, 2x Preds, 1 Stormchicken, Death Company, Jump Pack Squad with Libby and Priest. The goal was to run my core for Ard Boyz and have well rounded shooting and assault. This list had plenty of ap 1/2 and tank killing potential.

Game 1 I was playing against a Mech IG list...we all know how that goes. There was an objective in the center as the primary objective. We rolled off and I got to go first. I setup all my tanks in my libby's bubble for protection except the stormchicken. He set up and then rolled and seized. Oh NOOOOO!

Turn 1 was brutal with most of my tanks getting stripped down and not being able to shoot. I didn't think after that turn I could pull it out. I got lucky that the storm chicken got mauled but not destroyed. I would keep the death company at bay until I could see the whites of their eyes! I pushed on with the rest of my tanks. I knew I had to get in close and slaughter them in hand to hand. Turn 2 saw more firing and more tanks becoming hulls. I got my men into his ranks on turn 2 and took out 4 chimeras and 2 leman russ...a solid turn. The death company wiped an allied sisters squad. The death company dread melted a tank as well. Half of his tanks were now a wreck and I was looking much better for me.

His shooting now crippled, the IG tried to pull out the win from my furious blood angels hands. No luck however, I quickly tore down his tanks with melta fire and close combat. My Jump squad took out 2 chimera and a 30 man blob squad in one turn. By the end of the game there were wrecked tanks everywhere on both sides. The difference however came in the fact that I had my squads and his were dead. I got a massacre.

Game 2 was a modified kill points against Space Wolves with 2 long fang squads, 3 drop pods with a squad, a dread and termis. He won the roll to go first so I castled up in the far corner far away from one of his long fang squads. He dropped a dread in for some melta and termis a little close. He lit up the stormchicken but couldnt take it down. I pushed my tank unit forward leaving 2 squads to melta the dread and pod. The stormchicken couldnt move but his termis were too close. My dread ran crazy to meat the 5 man squad head on. He shot more on turn 2 but did almost nothing. My dread ate some terms, and Bjorn died to a volly of melta fire. His land raider got immobilized to and random las cannon shot. My death company took a lot of fire and eventually died. My Death Company dread ate 2 more 10 man squads and dismantled a good chunk of his army. When the game ended I had most of my tanks still running and most of my guys alive. All I lost was the Stormchicken, DC Dread and DC. I got another massacre victory.

Game 3 was against a dark angels deathwing army. I won the roll to go first and he reserved everything except one squad and 3 attack bikes. I killed everything on the board before his reserves came in. The rest of the game his squads came in but due to his small numbers and lack of anti tank at range I quickly removed most of his army from the game. At the end he was left with an immobile land raider and 2 termis across the board. I picked up a major victory because they had landed on an objective on turn 5 and I failed to kill them while his land raider contested the other. But the objectives were only a secondary mission to table quarters.

I won that tourney with then means I HAVE to play Blood Angels at Ard Boyz this year. I have video from the end of the campaign that I will put together. It was a very close end to the campaign. I have some Ard Boyz reports also to post coming soon. My life has slowed down and thus I have time for 40k

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