Monday, September 19, 2011

Ard Boyz Semis...Blog it while its hot!

So this past weekend was Ard Boyz semis where I would try to qualify for finals 2 years in a row! I had a near perfect prelim round where I was 2 points shy of perfect. Today this wouldn't be the same story. Some bad dice on my end and a poor round 1 opponent would make for and interesting day.

Round 1 vs puppies...he had almost no long range shooting except living lightning. Every time he fired a weapon it wrecked a tank on turn 1. I lost way too much early but due to my play skill I would manage to get him sweating. He had a scribbled hand written list and my first impression was this game would suck. Oh boy was I right. Due to a list mistake on placement he had to talk to our TO and then we could start. He rolled crazy hot for the first 4 turns and it made it a huge uphill battle. There were no manners to be found he was just sarcastic and overall had a bad personality. I have only yelled at one other player in this game but now this list extends to two. Whenever I asked my opponent a question on the first two turns he would give a sarcastic answer and not answer the question, he also loved to mumble. So I told him that he was being a "sarcastic ass hat" and when I ask a question I want the answer not a smart ass remark. He quickly shut up and the game went way smoother. On turn 4 one of his friends came over and asked him how he was doing and my opponent said right in front of me "beating the crap out of him...easy win". Oh boy was he wrong. This guy moved way too close and I multi charged him for over 500 points in one turn. I was less then half an inch away from hitting another 400 points of stuff. Game ended with a minor victory in his favor on victory points. My messenger never made it into his deployment(i was 2 inches away). So even tho I had more points than him by just a little he got the +500 for a minor win...oh well.

The next two games went very smooth for the most part. I tabled one and almost another both games ended in 50 minutes. The one I failed to table had a landraider that was already immobile. Turns 3,4,5 my DC dread could not get him with his melta gun. Turn 6 I fired almost all of my army at it and had 2 basic pens and 4 melta pens...NO WRECKS OR EXPLODES...then I roll for turn 7 and fail that too...ugh I lost 9 points because I couldn't kill that tank. These points would have put me in first...

So now no finals for me this year. For those of you that don't know with my current criteria I now have to play orks. Whenever an army fails to place I have to rotate back to the other. Now any winnings have to be spent on that army. So look for my orks to start appearing again. I am rather happy for the change and hopefully it will be a lot of fun to play them again. Now is the time to play and beat my orks while I relearn them!!!

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  1. Too bad about round #1. That opponent sounds like the stereotype you hear about in perlims, the kind that put people off from 'ard Boyz in general.

    Ah, the sea of green returns ;)