Friday, October 7, 2011

It has been a while my friend...Gork shines apon me AGAIN!!!

After non stop fighting for over two years Ghaz and his chosen boyz needed a break over the summer. Longing for battle while relaxing on some desecrated planet they were about to get what they were looking for. A loud humming of machine parts and rusty joints could be heard coming. Ghaz knew it was time to fight again...but what was it?!?

"In formation yoofs, it is time for some fighten" Ghaz yelled. He ran and leaped into the back of his truck. His nobz were already there waiting for him. Zemkes his biggest nob said "Boss scoutin grotz ave reported a eeny weeny mechie men a'rmy rising from the ground". Ghaz had only seen this a few times before. He new it was the returning necron forces. Had they lay dormant on this planet too?

With the truck finally fired up and boyz in position it was time to go. Ghaz and the stormboyz few out ahead to meet the mekanical monsters. Ghaz ripped a large hovering monument with a portal to the ground and the stormboyz laid into the front ranks of their mechanical adversaries.

All of a sudden a large floating figure came around the corner. Ghaz knew shit hit the fan and yelled "Boyz we'v got a god on or ands". The god killed 4 nobz in one swing and Ghaz returned by sinking his klaw into him. Ghaz looked over his shoulder to see the stormboyz get blasted down. Spores were in the air of his own men. Rokket fuel was covering the gound. Ghaz let out a large "WAGAAH"!

The mass of boyz raged forward into battle as the kans broke off to let them through. The first way of evil sunz ran full charge into the body of the enemy forces. A few were nocked down but most remained standing to fight. The god had ran but quickly returned to catch the nobz again killing all but one...Zemkes!

Ghaz backed off to let Zemkes return blows to the god. With a great leap Zemkes landed a good blow to the noggin with his klaw. With a burst of light and a large explosion the god disappeared. Ghaz took the explosion in replace of Zemkes to save him. "I knew you would be a good un when I met uz as a yoof" Ghaz said.

Covering their eyes the boyz could not shoot but sure as hell they can charge into battle. The kans finally made it into the skirmish as well. Ghaz and his boyz quickly dispatched more metal men. All of a sudden a loud VOOOP and they all vanished! Ghaz had seen this before and now knew for sure that the metal men tactically retreat when low in numbers.

Ghaz was pleased with his boyz performance and welcomed the challenge brought to him that day. Zemkes escaped the day despite being mortally wounded as the metal men fed from the battle. His cybork body was durable and kept him alive to fight another day. He was to be now known as "Zemkes the God Slayer".

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