Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just needed a spark under my ass!

After ard boyz i took a break and only played one game with my orks. I then missed the registration for the first annual Standish Standoff (our first big event at my flgs). I was bummed and I got on the waiting list. Last night one of the guys that works at the store sent me a facebook message. Someone dropped and the people in front of me for the wait list could not go...NOW IM IN!

I know I vowed to play my orks. However there is a great deal of modeling and painting going into the scores and I know my orks are just not as pretty as my blood angels. I now await my packet and will be building my list and painting the list before the tourney! I only have 2 tanks left to paint and then the rest are guys.

I have done the design work for my display board and bases which I dont know if they will be done. I also know how I am going to build the captain for my 8th company.

Progress will be made for the Emperor!

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