Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Quick Batreps

This past week I have been working on refining my 1750 BA list for this months tourney. On the normal Wednesday night games I played vs dark eldar and then this weekend I played against ming's ultras.

The game vs DE was annihilation and spearhead deployment. He had a reservy web way portal list. I said screw it and was forced to go first so I deployed everything. Over the first two turns I spread out over his border and waited for him to come on. He came on 2 units a turn and I slaughtered them every turn. Watching them try to kill 3+ armor with a FNP is funny. They may swing a lot and fast but the power behind them is like a child hitting me in the legs over and over..its annoying but just pick him up and throw him. I lost a razorback and a few guys and tabled him.

The game vs ultras was going to be interesting. We were playing an adepticon mission. Goals were kill more non troop units then your opponent, control more table quarters, and have the only hq unit within 3 inches of the board center. He was all mech with sternguard and Pedro Cantor. I made him go first and he moved to the center of the board and castled up...ugh big mistake reserving everything on my part. I should have not let him castle around pedros +1A bubble. I dropped in with one flamer squad on the far side and drove all my tanks on turn 2. My melta squad and other flamer quad managed to not get on even with rerolls. I shot some and hunkered down waiting for turn 3. Turn 3 I landed and threw meltas into his raider and only one pen and rolled a one. From then on the middle of the board was a huge tar pit of death. Game ended with me having both 5 man rzr quads alive and only 5 of 30 assault marines alive. I also had a pred and a razorback alive. My opponent had his land raider, a stunned rhino, 7 marines, and a termi libby left. I had 2 table quarters and he had 1, I won on kps, and no one had the center with a hq.

That game was a tough one and I had some poor rolling but I am getting better with my blood angels every game.

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