Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Power Fist VS Thunder Hammer

For quite some time now I have gotten some flak from some of the gamers at my FLGS saying that Hammers are worse then PF purely because they cost more. Well today I am going to back my reasons up for having TH over PF and hopefully if you readers get a chance to pick TH over PF from now on you will always go with the TH.

Power Fist or PF: Doubles the users base strength to a max of 10 and strike at Initiative 1. Furious charge and other modifiers are added in after the doubling of the base.
s4->s8 or s4->s8->Furious Charge->s9 on the charge....Points: 25

Thunder Hammer: Same as above with the additional rule of; no matter what the damage result on vehicles add crew shaken(cant shoot) and any model wounded by a TH strikes at Initiative 1 next combat. TH cost 5 more points so... Points: 30

Hidden PF has always been the norm for me in any squad numbering 10 or more guys(this goes for my orks too). This golden rule buffs every squad into a much more deadly version of them selfs in close combat. You need this because of how bad grenades are against walkers in 5th Edition. Plus the extra strength is great! This also causes instant death on probably 90% of all models in the game.

There have been so many games where I have seen a Dread, Kans, or Monstrous Creature get into combat and have no fear of dieing because no one in the squad can kill them. Take a PF and stop gimping your squads CC ability.

If you still arnt convinced you need a PF then stop reading I dont care about you anymore and my Kans will eat your squads for breakfast all day...even through dinner!

Now for TH vs PF here we go:

The TH just pushes that good thing of a hidden PF one step further. The extra bonuses for 5 points have always been worth it. All you have to do is stop a tank from shooting once and save 1 guy and you are ahead of the game on points. Or better yet save a few or an IC by making a monstrous creature swing at I1 rather then I6 or something crazy! Plus would you rather look like Hell Boy with a fat hand or Thor with a big mother fucking hammer!

Almost every game I play the TH makes its points back and if you have 2-3 you increase the chances you will get your points worth.

Stop being shitty old Hell Boy and trade in for Thor!

If you are a codex without thunder hammers as options I feel bad for you...not!


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