Thursday, March 10, 2011

Devs/Longfangs VS Preds VS Dreads

Here we go guys an analysis of the 3 most common HVY support choices across all marines.

First is Devs squads. These guys are immobile cheap heavy wep platforms with the best bang for your buck. You can customize these guys and even give them a transport. You can buy extra wounds so that the weps don't die first. The main problem of these guys is MOBILITY. They cannot move and shoot.

Next is Predators. These bad boys pack a punch with the advantage of front armor 13 and mobility. The two viable builds are HVY bltr or Las Cannon Spn and an Auto Cannon turret. They don't have many extra wep choices and can easily be shut down with any pen or glancing hit. They also have rear armor 10 and are an easy close combat kill.

Then we have Dreads. They are mobile firing platforms with some close combat ability. They have a wide verity of wep options. It is much harder to kill these guys in close combat.

Honestly all three of these are viable choices and all come down to personal preference. However, with the specialization of these in certain codex some become better choices then others.

Space Pups have the dreaded long fangs. The change to be able to split fire at 2 targets make these guys way better then the other heavy options.

Emo Vamps have all rhino chassis with better engines making them fast. Now the mobility of the predator is way more then the Dread and with the high speed of the rest of the codex these guys are the clear choice for blood angels.

Ultras have no clear specialization and treat all these choices the same in power with the trade offs listed. Your choice here comes down to personal preference.

As a side note the Vindicator is just bad. One wep destroyed make the tank useless and it is over pointed for what it does.

The WW is cheap but dosnt have the killy power and just suffers the same problem as the Vind.


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