Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/24/2011 Ripped VS Ming Batrep

So after this past weekends tourney win I was willing to play another 1750 game with my Blood Angels against Ming's Ultras. We got to our FLGS late for our weekly wed 40k night. Almost all the tables in the store were being used and we had like 20 people playing 40k...never seen that many all at once for just a casual night. Everyone had paired up and I was forced to play Ming. We rolled off on the list of missions and got the mission with a center objective as primary and table quarters as secondary. It was spearhead deployment and we rolled off for choice. I got a 2 and he got a 1! I chose to go second so I could react to him and take table quarters and contest easier.

1750 Points Rough Lists:

Libby w/ jump (rage, shield)
Libby w/ jump (rage, shield)

Priest w/ jump, pw, mb
Priest w/ jump, pw, mb

10 Man Asslt sqd 2x melta and PF
10 Man Asslt sqd 2x flame and TH
10 Man asslt sqd 2x flame and TH
5 Man asslt sqd 1x melta and Razorback w/ TL Plas and LasC
5 Man asslt sqd 1x melta and Razorback w/ TL Plas and LasC

Pred LasC spn and AutoC
Pred HvyBltr spn and AutoC
(same list as this last tourney)

Libby w/ Termi (Null Zone, Vortex)
Pedro Cantor

Sternguard Razorback TL LasC
Sternguard rhino
Tac Razorback TL LasC
Tac Rhino

Speeder w/ melta and hflamer

5x Termi 2x THSS 3x LC and Landraider
(typical Pedro Cantor Castle)

He deployed everything in one big clump and I deployed all my tanks and one 2x flamer squad w/ a Priest and a Libby behind a tank wall. My Razorback were in front of my preds.

His turn 1:
He moved up and shot one Razorback and resulted in immobilizing and taking off my LasC.

My turn 1:
I moved my tanks out of cover. My working tanks near my table edge moving around a large building and my mobile dakka pred moving up to the centerline with the Assault Squad behind them.
I shot and got one pen on a Razorback and ripped off the TL LasC

His turn 2:
He shot and Immobilized my other razorback...ugh

My turn 2:
With rerolls only one combat squaded melta gun came on deep striking. They quickly mishapped and I rolled and got them back in reserve. I held my position and shot at his tanks. I managed to rip off a TL LasC on his LR.

His Turn 3:
His shots did almost nothing and he popped the remaining smoke on his tanks.

My Turn 3:
The Flamer squad and Libby and Priest still fail at life with rerolls...ugh
Both melta squads land on either side of his hatches on the LR sitting on the center. I jump my Flamer squad over my pred toward his LR that should die. Both melta hit and both fail to pen. All my other shots do nothing. I charge in with my S9 Thunderhammer and fail to even hit on a 4+. My melta bomb also misses.

His Turn 4:
His castle opens up to try and wipe me. I get off shield and was within range to give cover to all my assault marines as well as FNP. He uses his orbital bombardment and vortex and all the melta and las cannons...he rapid fires with sternguard. He kills 3 guys to my amazing dice rolls for my saves. He charges into a melta squad and my flamer squad. I lose the melta squad and kill one lightning claw and run away with 6 guys...i only flee 5 inches and will keep running.

My turn 4:
I roll snake eyes and fail to get my flamer squad in just wow
My assault squad runs like 5 inches and my melta squad goes to melt the land raider. I pen but get immobilized. Luckily he moved it off the center objective first! I shot the rest of my army at the termis and kill a lightning claw. I multicharged the termis and killed a thunderhammer and I was wiped. He moved toward my fleeing squad.

His turn 5:
His shots dont touch my tanks and he charges into my fleeing assault squad. I kill off his libby with my TH and pass morale.

My turn 5:
My flamer squad lands near the center objective and spreads out. My dakka pred rams a razorback on the center objective and Stuns it. The rest of my shots wreck the tank. I need to contest the center if the game ends. In the termi CC I kill off the lightning claw.

His turn 6:
He spreads out on table quarters and shoots at my assault squad and kills one and fails to wreck my pred. I fail to kill his TH and he fails to kill anything.

My turn 6:
I charge into the center with my assault squad. My rolls are fail but I manage to break a stearnguard in one quarter and contest all the others. The combat with the termi results in everyones death except my TH.

We roll and the game ends. He contests/controls 3 quarters. The center is contested and I have one table quarter because one stearnguard squad broke. A minor win for the Blood Angels

I made several tactical mistakes during the game and compiled on top of that my rolls were terrible the whole game. A win is a win and I will take it.

I bought a stormraven with the tourney winnings and I look forward to running Lemartes and 10x death company 8x pw and 2x TH!!!

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