Monday, March 21, 2011

3/20/2010 Tourney Report

After nearly 6 months when I played my Blood Angles in Ard Boyz Nationals I decide to dust them off for a tourney. I painted my first tank and got cranking on my list and building more guys! All out push for my first tourney at my FLGS with my Blood Angels.

Time to flex my nuts and go for broke and hopefully come out with the win.

Game one was my first time playing against Black Templars. My opponent had not really played in 6 years but would give me a good fight. We had a list of objectives and had to pick one as a primary and another as a secondary. The primary was worth 2 points and secondary was worth 1. It can be found here . I picked Blitz as primary and Domination as secondary. Pretty easy for me because of all the priests and libbys I have to get me to the 4 I need in his deployment. We fought hard through the center and I quickly tar pitted his army and we both started taking heavy losses. Finally my libby with a priest and 10 man jump squad land and the following turn kill 3 squads and a Chaplain to clear the board and win me the game.

Next was a table quarter mission from a previous Ard Boyz. I was playing vs a chaos Thousand Suns list. He had 3 squads in rhinos, 3 preds, 2 princes. Pretty simple list and nasty ap 3 bolters and flamers. The game was won for me when I charged into 2 princes and a squad and killed one and hit the other with a thunder hammer only to follow up with killing him the next turn. His squads tar pitted my squads most of the game but in the end I came out tabling my opponent and then getting almost full points. I was now in the lead for the day and would have to play one more round for the win.

Round three was against another templar player. Holy crap now I can use what I learned in game one and play better. I also learned that my opponent had been using many of his rules wrong and to his advantage...oh well. I was now against a semi gunline opponent. 2 termi squads with 2x cyclones each, 2x speeders with cyclones, 2x tl las rzr backs, a pred, 2x las cannon squads. This game was to be fought over the table center being the only objective and table quarters as a secondary mission. He won the roll and went first. I set far away and behind cover. His shots killed one of my rzr backs but did nothing else. I then moved up and used one of my tanks to screen a 10 man assault quad and had my melta squad combat squaded and deep striking. His turn 2 he failed to kill my one tank wall! I followed up by assaulting and killing his terminators, a rhino, and a razorback. The center would become a large assault tar pit. My meltas took out the rest of his tanks and I eventually tabled him and had 3 5 man squads remaining.

Great day for me...I won another tourney! We had 18 players for the tourney. 2nd place went to IG and a tie for 3rd with 2 ultras. Best sport went to a new kid probably around 13yrs old. This is the third army I have won a tourney with. The one most people dont know is I won with Chaos once last year. Ming and I had been painting a chaos army and I got to play it for a few games and went out and won a tourney. I might just have to play Mings Ultras to win a tourney! HAHA

Hoped you liked the read!



  1. I hadn't made the tourney you used Chaos at but I recall hearing about it. You and Ming should swap armies for a tournament. I'd love to see him fielding Orks.

    Congrats on the win too. I imagine we'll see more of the BA at the upcoming tournaments. They the army you planning on using for 'ard Boyz this year?

  2. I'll talk him into playing Ultras next tournament I miss...he keeps threatening to play an all grot list and still clean house.