Monday, March 7, 2011

BA vs Eldar and BA vs Ultras breif

This past week I decided to start focusing more on my blood angels. I got two games in this past week against two local gamers at our FLGS.

Both games were played at 1750 points.

I used:
2x Lib /w JP (sword,rage)

2x 10 man Asslt Squads 2x flamers PW and hand flamer
10 man Asslt Squad 2x melta and TH

2x 5 man squad TL Las Rzr

3x Sang Priests 2x pw and 2x JP

2x AC LS Preds

After playing BAs more I have really come to love jump packs and the mobility and utility they bring.

The Eldar for my first game were playing an Eldrad and Seer Council List. This wouldnt be a bad game with my hoods and FNP.

We were playing Spearhead and Capture and Control
The game started out with his Seer Council charging into combat with a 10 man squad with a lib and a sang. I killed one of them and managed to lose my lib. This combat would be a long boring fight that brought in all of my squads except one charging in. I lost a 10 man squad a sang and a lib due to a really low chance deep strike misshap. Eventually I killed the Seer Council but was still in combat with the HQ and couldn't kill the last character...ugh. My troops were either dead or tied up. I went for a rush on his objective for a tie and managed to get less than an inch away from a tie with a fast pred.

The next game was against a 3x venerable dread a land raider and 3 10 man squads. Ugh so mugh hardend targets to kill.

Setup was DOW and playing Annihilation

I let him go first so I could pick out the tanks that spotlighted and drop later giving him one less turn to kill my jump guys. On turn one he managed to rip the LC off a Rzr. After that I drove on and hell broke loose. I began by stopping two of his venerables from moving for the rest of the game and only one more to go. His return fire managed to stun 3 of my tanks. Then I dropped in everything and began to tear him apart. In the end he had only killed a lib and one pred while I killed everything except a dread and the land raider. This all after 7 full turns.

I am learning and getting better with these guys. Its hard having just a fun army after playing all of 5th ed with my orks and crushing most of these guys by turn 4. I like painting the blood angels way more then the randomness of the ork models. I want to feel comfortable with my tournament play with these guys too so I can do well in our monthly tourneys at our FLGS. I will be getting more units and options for my BAs and hopefully find a list that I like and can work with it as a core like I did with my orks.


  1. Good to see you playing the BA again. You know, the only way you'll do well with BA at tournaments is to bring them. I'm sure it's tough to give up da Orks at a tournament since you do so damn well with them.

  2. It is so hard. I always look forward to round 3 when I get my toughest FLGS rivals and a hard fought game playing with my orks. The tourney environment brings out peoples best and I love those games with my orks.

    I cant just walk in with my BAs and ever have the same experience as my orks. Once I find what my core of the list I want to run with my BAs looks like I will love them at lot more. My lists area always changing and I have to relearn with an ugly un panted army...I am so slow at getting them done. Haha

    They will get to a point where I am happy with them soon and you guys will see a lot more of the BAs.